Cisco Unveils New Webex Features

New Features Meant to Support Hybrid Work Models

Cisco, the computer networking conglomerate headquartered in Silicon Valley, is implementing new features for its Webex video conferencing ecosystem meant to support hybrid work environments, the company said in a recent announcement.

The new meetings and messaging capabilities of Webex Suite enable equal participation for attendees from anywhere they are located and enhance collaboration, while Webex Events Portfolio powers hybrid events at scale.

“Technology has many powers, and the greatest of all is its ability to connect people and level the playing field for so many across the globe,” said Reem Asaad, vice president of Cisco for the Middle East & Africa. “Our new Webex innovations mark a significant step forward in helping our customers unlock the potential of their hybrid workforces—enabling them to collaborate in new ways and drive inclusive experience.”

In its news release, Cisco said it has launched more than 1,000 Webex innovations in the last 12 months, spanning advancements for the hybrid workforce, workplace, events, and IT teams.

Among the Webex tools that support worker inclusivity and well-being are an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered audio equalizer that enables participants to be heard regardless of their distance from a conference phone; the Collaboration Insights tool, which allows team intervention to combat fatigue and burnout; the Thrive Reset tool to help workers become more centered and mindful through focused mental or physical exercises; and a beta version of the Vidcast tool that lets users attend recorded meetings on their own time and at their own pace.

To power hybrid events for various types of audiences, Cisco is unveiling an expanded Webex Events portfolio with capabilities for managing hybrid events, including badging and printing for ticketing, monetization, and networking. Customers can host up to 10,000 attendees in webinar mode and up to 100,000 participants in webcast mode via Webex Webinars. The events capabilities became available following Cisco’s acquisition of online event platform Socio Labs and events polling platform Slido. And for global audiences, meeting or event hosts are able to schedule multi-language events with multiple interpreters, with participants able to select their preferred language. Other Webex features that support the hybrid work model include enhanced camera intelligence; interoperability with the communications platforms of Zoom, Microsoft, and Google; continuous workflows with embedded apps; and visibility into the collaboration experience.

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