Unified Analytics Introduced by Customer Engagement Platform Emplifi

Unified Analytics Introduced by Customer Engagement Platform Emplifi

The News: Customer engagement platform provider Emplifi has introduced Unified Analytics, a solution that brings together data from a variety of sources to not only provide a view into the entire customer journey, but to also generate insights. This is all done in a way that lessens administrative burden and supports operational efficiencies. More information on Unified Analytics can be found on the Emplifi website.

Unified Analytics Introduced by Customer Engagement Platform Emplifi

Analyst Take: Siloed data is the killer of a smooth and personalized customer journey. Emplifi has recently introduced a solution designed to bring together data from many different parts of a customer experience, including information from social media, customer service, and care case management data, insights from Voice of Customer (VoC), and influencer marketing analytics. Emplifi works with more than 20,000 brands and offers solutions for social marketing, commerce, and service.

“Unified Analytics is more than just another analytics tool – it’s the engine for analyzing and presenting data from diverse customer touch points in one unified view,” says Emplifi CMO, Zarnaz Arlia. “Marketing, commerce and care professionals, department heads, and executives can escape the data maze, leveraging one platform for analytics and reporting across multiple data sources. Unified Analytics gives teams access to real-time, actionable insights that help them improve operational efficiency, identify issues, and track progress at the touch of a button.”

On the user side, this bringing together of information across touchpoints, channels, and interactions helps support many operational efficiencies including:

  • Having a centralized repository for all customer engagement data
  • Quickly analyzing multichannel campaigns
  • Decreasing time spent on managing data including less time manually working with spreadsheets and importing/exploring into business intelligence (BI) tools
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Automated and customizable reports and presentations
  • Well informed internal teams with the ability to share dashboards and more opportunity for cross-functional collaboration

Emplifi Unified Analytics can connect with Emplifi products such as Emplifi Content Hub, Emplifi Listening, and Emplifi Community.

This new solution is available as part of the Emplifi Customer engagement platform and its benefits should be felt not just internally via the relieved administrative and manual burdens, but also by customers themselves. Unified Analytics will support the tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs), in addition to being able to utilize customer metrics and KPIs. Additionally, different time periods can be compared so that important trends and patterns emerge. Having the ability to dig deeper into consolidated data gathered from across a customer journey will allow companies to find points of frustration and friction, identify gaps and areas for improvement, take action, and solve service problems faster.

Bringing together data quickly for actionable insights, breaking down data siloes so that information is accessible across departments, and identifying and removing obstacles in a customer journey all are powerful actions in providing a good customer experience.

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