Sprinklr Service: 150 New or Enhanced Capabilities

Sprinklr Service: 150 New or Enhanced Capabilities


At Sprinklr’s quarterly analyst update, the company shared financial, business, customer, and product updates. There is a lot going on, but one of the areas that really saw a fast pace of enhancements and introductions was the Sprinklr Service solution set. Christie Fitzgerald, director solutions consultant at Sprinklr, walked through some of the updates. There have been over 150 new or enhanced capabilities to the Sprinklr Service suite across nine service products.

Sprinklr Service Feature Enhancements Span a Variety of Agent and Customer Facing Areas

Fitzgerald highlighted a handful of the new capabilities, which are focused on supporting a better customer experience (CX), as well as a more friction free agent experience:

  • Workforce Management: Sprinklr has put some work into shift bidding and adherence. Scheduling is always a pain point, and the enhancements allow agents to define their own shifts whenever possible. The benefits of this approach are many, and from an employee experience standpoint, gives agents a better sense of control, empowerment, and flexibility.
  • Agent Heartbeat: Customers had been reporting an issue with agents identifying themselves as available despite facing issues with their microphone or web RTC connectivity. Or sometimes agents having issues that they did not even know they had with hardware or connectivity. This reality could result in missed calls (and poor CX). A new feature, Agent Heartbeat, has been introduced, helping to solve this problem by sending out status updates on a regular cadence to the unified routing module so that calls can automatically be switched. If an agent has a known or unknown issue, their status can be changed, proactively heading off issues. Steps are also given to support the agent in solving their technical issues.
  • Whatsapp Payment Integration: If customers face a stumbling block by needing to engage with multiple apps when they are trying to buy something, it can result in frustration (or a lost purchase). This Whatsapp feature takes aim at that, smoothing out a customer journey by supporting multiple payment gateways and giving order status updates in real time.
    Multilingual Advancements: Sprinklr has a solid focus on its multilingual capabilities that support not only clients, but agents. An auto-translate feature allows agents to converse in multiple languages within their desktop, and also have access to canned responses in a variety of languages.
  • LiveChat: The overall CX industry had some interesting introductions around live chat and video this past year and this is a positive, as visual capabilities can be such a support during many types of service outreach and can really level up CX. Sprinklr’s new addition brings in multi-party video and agent screensharing and allows the agent to be able to show product features, share content that would be relevant to the purchase or issue and do some troubleshooting.

AI-Driven Use Cases in Sprinklr Service

And of course, it would not be an analyst briefing on CX if AI did not get some spotlight. Fitzgerald highlighted a few use cases that are currently being leveraged by customers including case summarization, automated after call work, and enriched agent assist capabilities.

Conversational AI+ capabilities also got some attention. Customers can more simply create FAQ bots by uploading their documentation and the bot training process is now automated, expanding the bot’s knowledge with additional data points. This helps with responsiveness and accuracy as it is easier to keep the bot updated with the most up to date information without having to use developers or train new dialogue flows.

Another really important feature of note is support for Sprinklr Guardrails which helps protect against and prevent hallucinations within the system, making sure that the responses customers might be receiving are on target for their issue. These safeguards may help provide a deeper sense of trust and confidence as organizations move forward with their AI efforts.

Enhancements specifically to voice bots focused on giving voice bots advanced capabilities, including human-like custom Text to Speech, dynamic auto-modulations, natural pace and pauses, barge-in functionality, and an increased understanding of language nuances such as abbreviations and apostrophes.

Key Takeaways

The company had strong year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth (17%) for third quarter (Q3) 2023 and has indicated solid momentum with their large customers. During the analyst call, Paul Herman, SVP of global digital transformation, emphasized the company’s focus on its continued vision to drive unified CX management (CXM), walking through the company’s journey from social media management to CXM, and the company has certainly come a long way from being a social media platform. During the company’s Investor Day this past summer, Sprinklr reported that the company is consistently selling more than a single product suite to customers and that the number of customers who have started their relationship with Sprinklr in a product suite other than social and insights has grown. In FY 2023, for those customer who only have one product suite, 37% of them have Sprinklr Service (this number was 19% in FY 2020).

It has been an active time for Sprinklr with these product enhancements and the ones that have been added to the Sprinklr Service suite are very focused on promoting time savings and efficiencies, heading off trouble spots and smoothing out potential points of friction. This applies to both customers and agents, with agent workflow and customer journeys being kept top of mind.

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