New CX Wins with Flytxt, Sprinklr, CleverTap, 8×8, and InMoment

Partnerships Span the Globe to Include Mobicom, Pronovias, SpiceJet, Kubota Tractor Corporation, and Jack in the Box

New CX Wins with Flytxt, Sprinklr, CleverTap, 8x8, and InMoment

Flytxt Enables Mongolia-Based Mobicom to Elevate CX

Dutch customer engagement firm Flytxt announced that NEON-dX, its full-stack customer value management (CVM) and marketing automation software, is now in use at Mobicom, the largest mobile phone provider in Mongolia.

Part of the Japanese telecommunications group KDDI, Mobicom has deployed NEON-dX to obtain actionable customer intelligence and automate omnichannel customer engagement programs aimed at delivering value-added digital experiences to its customer base.

“It gives us immense satisfaction to support market leaders like Mobicom in creating lasting customer relationships that drive positive long-term business outcomes,” says Vinod Vasudevan, CEO at Flytxt. “Our well-trained AI helps subscription businesses gain deeper insights into customer behavior and adapt their CX decisions and actions on the fly.”

The built-in AI, analytics, and omnichannel campaign orchestration capabilities of NEON-dX will enable Mobicom to scale up its CVM practice and launch upsell, cross-sell, and retention campaigns faster, Flytxt officials say. The solution also makes it possible for Mobicom to engage with customers on new digital channels like mobile wallets and content apps, tying into Mobicom’s aims to increase the adoption of new digital services among its existing voice and data customers.

“We are committed to our vision of using the best-in-class technology solutions to deliver unique game-changing CX,” says Dulguun Gansukh, director of product marketing at Mobicom. “Flytxt’s market-proven solution with an advanced AI will help us increase our outreach and promote right-value propositions befitting customers’ usage behavioral trends and engagement contexts.”

Headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Flytxt is an independent player in intelligent customer engagement for the enterprise communications and communications service providers (CSPs). It is a technology partner to over 70 digital enterprises in more than 50 countries and top CX platform vendors.

Sprinklr and Pronovias Team Up to Enhance Luxury Bridal Shopping Experience

Unified CX management platform provider Sprinklr and its solutions have been selected by Pronovias, the luxury bridal brand based in Catalonia, Spain, to enhance the digital customer service and social engagement strategy of the wedding dress design company.

With six bridal brands that individually commanded its own social following, Pronovias turned to Sprinklr to redefine the bridal shopping experience and to provide an omnichannel platform to unify communications for brides everywhere.

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“Selecting Sprinklr was an easy decision for us when we looked at the company’s capabilities and future plans,” says Oleksandra Melnyk, head of voice of customer at Pronovias Group. “Sprinklr is the most complete platform we found in terms of metrics, dashboards, and functionalities for digital customer experience management.”

With Sprinklr, Pronovias looks to achieve a number of goals. Relying on the solutions Sprinklr Service, Sprinklr Social, and Sprinklr Insights, Pronovias can personalize and scale its social customer service, turn social listening into a competitive advantage, protect its brand reputation, streamline publishing and engagement across markets, and unify and share critical marketing insights.

“Today, shopping should be seamless and personalized on any channel—in person and online,” says Ragy Thomas, founder and CEO of Sprinklr. “With our AI-powered customer insights, publishing, listening, and engagement capabilities, we’ll help ensure that Pronovias can understand and meaningfully connect with their customers while offering personalized assistance throughout the shopping journey.”

CleverTap and India’s SpiceJet Fly High on CX Partnership

Customer engagement platform provider CleverTap is partnering with SpiceJet, India’s second largest airline, to enhance the carrier’s CX. Leveraging the capabilities of the CleverTap platform in customer analytics, personalization, and orchestration, SpiceJet hopes to deliver personalized and contextual communication across its web and mobile channels. The airline will be able to analyze customer data, create comprehensive user profiles, and engage customers in a tailored approach as it seeks to enhance customer satisfaction and foster long-term loyalty.

“At SpiceJet, our foremost commitment is to provide our customers with the finest personalized experience,” says Debojo Maharshi, chief business officer at SpiceJet. “With CleverTap’s assistance, we can now deliver timely and precisely targeted communication to our passengers, ensuring that their journey with us remains seamless and unforgettable.”

Sidharth Malik, CEO at CleverTap, says the company is thrilled to be partnering with SpiceJet. “Our AI-driven hyper-personalized insights will help SpiceJet gain a deeper understanding of their user base, further solidifying their brand-to-customer relationship.”

Silicon Valley-based CleverTap is the creator of an omnichannel customer engagement and user retention platform that aims to help brands create individualized CX. CleverTap customers include gaming company Electronic Arts, the English Premier League in football, and pizza restaurant chain Papa John’s.

8×8 Is the Choice of Kubota Tractor to Deliver Enhanced Communications

8×8, Inc. is deploying its XCaaS—or Experience Communications as a Service—cloud contact center and unified communications platform at Kubota Tractor Corporation for increased flexibility, agility, and reporting capabilities at the manufacturer.

Based in Grapevine, Texas, Kubota Tractor is a US marketer and distributor of Kubota-engineered and manufactured machinery and equipment, including a complete line of tractors, performance-matched implements, compact construction equipment, consumer lawn and garden equipment, hay tools, commercial turf products, and utility vehicles.

Employing more than 5,000 employees in North America, Kubota needed a communications platform to keep its employees connected, regardless of their location, to deliver customer service of the highest level. Kubota wanted to ensure that customers calling to ask about parts, repair, or financing were always connected to the appropriate employee to resolve their questions and provide the best possible service.

By deploying the 8×8 XCaaS platform, Kubota was able to consolidate previously disparate systems. And because the 8×8 platform is cloud-based, Kubota no longer needed to manage and maintain on-premises systems but could troubleshoot remotely instead, saving time and money while also ensuring consistent CX at each customer touchpoint. Kubota also benefited from 8×8’s analytics and reporting features, gaining the capability to monitor call quality, wait times, and the number of incoming calls on any given day. The 8×8 system allowed managers to make any necessary adjustments, based on real-time data, to ensure exceptional CX.

“Before 8×8, we were running countless disparate on-premises systems that didn’t communicate with each other, didn’t improve collaboration, and were difficult to maintain,” says Roland Gelindon, senior unified communications engineer at Kubota Tractor. “Now with our contact center and communications in the cloud at 8×8, we’re able to run daily diagnostics to pinpoint and mitigate potential issues, all while having access to real-time call and user data that allows our team to better work with each other and customers to ensure positive, beneficial experiences.”

Hunter Middleton, chief product officer at 8×8, Inc., says having the right tools can make all the difference. “Regardless of whether an employee is inside or outside the contact center, 8×8 XCaaS ensures Kubota has access to the resources and information they need to ensure their team is able to successfully meet customer service demands through consistent, seamless communication and collaboration.”

InMoment’s Spotlight Is Now Deployed at Jack in the Box

CX firm InMoment said in a recent announcement that Jack in the Box is now using InMoment Spotlight, an advanced AI analytics software, to more easily glean valuable insights from the 500 million customers who patronize the hamburger chain every year.

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The use of Spotlight represents an expanded deployment of InMoment software by Jack in the Box, which has had a longstanding partnership with Utah-based InMoment for its Voice of the Guest (VOG) program. Jack in the Box has decided to step up to Spotlight to harness the AI capabilities of the solution as it seeks to proactively surface and act on even more guest feedback, with the goal of continuing to improve the experience of its guests with quality products and service. Spotlight capabilities will improve the clarity of guest feedback for both structured and unstructured data, which includes social media, videos, and audio files to elevate omnichannel guest experiences, according to InMoment executives.

Tony Darden, chief operating officer at Jack in the Box, says the InMoment solution will allow the company to easily analyze customer feedback in all its forms for more detailed and immediate insight. “Our team is focused on using the additional insight to make business decisions without delay—having a faster time to guest improvement that will positively influence their experience with our brand, leading to increased loyalty.”

The AI-driven technology in Spotlight will help Jack in the Box focus on three key areas. The first area will be to enhance the knowledge of guests on the chain’s limited time offers to help define a better guest experience. The second area seeks to accelerate performance by facilitating comparison models across restaurants and time frames to identify high-performing drivers for individual restaurants. The third area will automate monthly business views of the most important feedback insights for each restaurant, which will then roll up to mid-level managers for immediate action.

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