OpenText Further Invests in Europe to Fuel Continued Growth

The News: To support the growth of its customer base and increased demand, OpenText is investing in geography-specific data centers, with the EU center being the most recent addition. Among the solutions to be supported via the EU data center will be a set of OpenText ITOM SaaS offerings. Read the full announcement here.

OpenText Further Invests in Europe to Fuel Continued Growth

Analyst Take: OpenText has had a busy couple of months, recently closing the $6 billion acquisition of UK-based Micro Focus. OpenText is one of those huge IT tech vendors that quietly goes about its business of supporting a huge global client base without much drama or fanfare. I expect this to change in the months ahead, and based on a recent interview The Futurum Group’s Daniel Newman did with OpenText’s CEO and CTO, Mark Barrenechea, on our Making Markets webcast series, the company has a lot to shout about. You can watch or listen to that Making Markets interview here:

ITOM stands for IT Operations Management and OpenText has long been a player in this space. OpenText ITOM solutions are built on the integrated, AI-based OPTIC Platform to optimize IT efficiency and performance. OpenText ITOM SaaS offerings are advanced ITSM solutions that are made simple and affordable to modernize the service management experience, increase IT agility and help keep cost and risk under control.

OpenText, a leading provider of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) software solutions, has launched a new set of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for the European Union (EU) market. Launching these new SaaS solutions marks OpenText’s accelerated investment and innovation in the Cloud to meet its customers’ strategic needs. To support the growth of its customer base and increased demand, OpenText is investing in geography-specific data centers, with the EU center being the most recent addition. The EU-centric service delivery model adheres to Schrems II judgment and European data protection laws, ensuring that data is kept and handled in the EU. The OpenText Data Centre in the EU is staffed with EU personnel and assures data sovereignty. We are observing data sovereignty and the advent of country-specific clouds is becoming an increasingly prevalent trend. I recently covered how AWS is investing in the Australian market in the same vein.

OpenText ITOM solutions, which are built on the integrated, AI-based OPTIC Platform, offer flexible licensing and reporting, enabling customers to consume what they need when they need it, but only pay for what they use. Customers around the world rely on these services to optimize IT efficiency and performance and unlock the power of their digital businesses.

The EU data center complies with EU security, data privacy, storage and transfer regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and is C5 attested. All OpenText ITOM SaaS solutions are certified to the highest demanding standards: ISO 9001, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27034, compliant with WCAG 2.0, and meet TAA country of origin requirements.

OpenText ITOM SaaS solutions offered in OpenText data centers in the EU include:

Service Management Automation X (SMAX). Service Management Automation X is a solution designed to facilitate the modernization of the service management experience, including the ability to control cost/risk management as well as spur IT agility.

Operations Bridge. The Operations Bridge features the combination of AI and automation, providing a full stack AIOps solution. This is designed to provide an assist in overall IT performance, spurring productivity, while also providing automated resource monitoring and discovery, as well as automated remediation and event reduction.

Hybrid Cloud Management X (HCMX). Hybrid Cloud Management X is designed specifically as a cloud provisioning, compliance, and cost control solution.

HCMX FinOps Express. HCMX FinOps Express was developed to help organizations control cloud spending by optimizing costs and cutting waste.

Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB. The Universal Discovery and Universal CMDB is a hybrid IT configuration management solution, designed to help teams discover, map, and manage their IT configurations.

Asset Management X (AMX). The Asset Management X is designed to be a next gen IT asset management solution helping with portfolio asset management, as well as management of both hardware and software throughout an organization.

Data Centre Automation. The Data Centre Automation feature will help IT teams by automating both vulnerability risk management as well as IT compliance.

Network Operations Management (NOM). Network Operations Management will help by providing reports and dashboards out of the OPTIC Data Lake, along with providing troubleshooting guidance.

It’s worth noting that OpenText’s European enterprise customers have expressed their desire for an increased level of security and data sovereignty to accelerate their transition to the cloud. OpenText’s launch of these new SaaS solutions seeks to fulfill the requirements of regulated cloud and EU-level protection of personal data. Through its EU data center, OpenText is endeavoring to provide customers with a faster avenue to access OpenText solutions they trust for their digital operation needs.

Looking Ahead for OpenText

Looking ahead, the continued investment by OpenText in its core offerings while digesting the recent Micro Focus acquisition demonstrates that the company is focused on executing against its mission. I am encouraged by OpenText’s focus on the European market as it represents a significant opportunity, and the investment in local datacenter capability for the ITOM tool set will position the company for success in the months ahead.

As the geopolitical climate becomes increasingly fractured and global fault lines emerge, customers will demand hyper-local public cloud solutions. This investment by OpenText acknowledges this trend and I see this as money well spent. Given the new size and scale of the new OpenText, I expect announcements such as this to garner more attention going forward and for the company to further enter the consciousness of senior IT decision-makers.

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