NICE Reveals Two New AI Announcements

The News: NICE launched two new AI-related initiatives, ElevateAI Every Day and the Enlighten Actions Industry Benchmarks.

The Elevate AI Every Day initiative promises to give broader AI access to all customer sizes, permitting 1,000 interactions per day of free-AI-driven transcription services and CX AI models. Read the full Press Release on this initiative here.

The second announcement centered around the introduction of Enlighten Actions Industry Benchmarks, which allows customers to see how they compare against others in key metrics and service insights by using generative AI. The full Press Release on the Industry Benchmarks is on the NICE website.

NICE Reveals Two New AI Announcements

Analyst Take: NICE’s announcement of ElevateAI’s 1K Every Day initiative, will result in broader access to its on-demand AI services to a wider variety of organization sizes. The program allows for up to 1,000 free transcriptions and CX insights daily.

ElevateAI has an open and flexible infrastructure that can integrate with any technology stack and developers can gain instant access via an API. According to NICE, the AI that ElevateAI leverages is trained on the world’s largest CX dataset, encompassing billions of interactions.

ElevateAI offers high transcription accuracy from a variety of inputs and the ability to make custom CX models that could include insights on sentiment.

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This offer of 1,000 free interactions is certainly eye catching for developers who want to give it a try and should help lower the barrier for many contact centers to see how AI will provide benefit through time efficiencies and potentially improved customer experience.

The NICE announcement around industry benchmarking also centers around AI. Enlighten Actions Industry Benchmarks will use large language models (LLMs), enabling users to interact with their data conversationally to uncover how they measure up to others in the industry. Enlighten Action is itself, an AI-powered solution that uses natural, conversational language to mine data, provide reports, build knowledge articles, and create responses.

This benchmarking enhancement has data from 75 different industries and comparisons can be made against a customer’s specific vertical. The benchmarked interaction level data is anonymized and relates to call reasons, handle time, CSAT, agent behaviors, complaints, sales effectiveness, scheduling levels, training, and automation.

Benchmarking continues to be an area of focus for contact centers who are always trying to walk the line of squeezing out efficiencies while providing a good customer experience. Having easy to access data, specific to its industry, can help uncover challenging areas and prioritize actions to implement.

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