Author: Cory Johnson

Six Five Media hosts Cory Johnson, Lisa Martin, and Dave Nicholson share their insights on the groundbreaking developments from Zoholics. This conversation dives into Zoho's innovative strides and strategic vision, showcasing how they're paving the way in the tech industry.
Ram Ramamoorthy, Director of AI Research at Zoho Corporation, joins Cory Johnson and Lisa Martin to share his insights on Zoho's innovative strategies for tackling AI challenges in the enterprise. This discussion illuminates how Zoho is leading the charge in integrating AI technology to enhance business operations and decision-making.
Josh Corson, SVP at OP360, joins Cory Johnson & Lisa Martin to share his insights on harnessing Zoho's power to fuel growth and enhance data-driven decisions making OP360 a leader in their field.
David Fauser, VP of Sales, Marketing, and Strategy at CIMCO, shares insights on how leveraging Zoho's technology enables CIMCO to innovate and enhance sustainability in their refrigeration solutions, shaping the future of the industry.