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Dell and Broadcom Deliver Scale-Out AI Platform for Industry

Dell and Broadcom Deliver Scale - Out AI Platform for Industry

The use of AI and machine learning (ML) has become widespread, and more recently, the use of AI tools capable of comprehending and generating natural language has grown significantly.  However, there have been issues limiting the broad adoption of large language models (LLMs) until recently.  

One of the biggest challenges was the massive investment in time, cost, and hardware required to fully train an LLM. Another ongoing concern is how firms can protect their sensitive, private data to ensure information is not leaked via access in public clouds.  

As part of Dell’s efforts to help firms build flexible AI platforms, Dell together with Broadcom are highlighting a scale-out architecture built on Dell and Broadcom equipment that can deliver the benefits of AI tools while ensuring data governance and privacy for regulatory, legal, and competitive reasons.  

In our latest Lab Insight Report, Dell and Broadcom Deliver Scale-Out AI Platform for Industry, done in partnership with Dell, The Futurum Group Lab team outlined Dell PowerEdge Servers coupled with the Broadcom Ethernet NICS to provide the high-speed inter-node communications required with distributed computing and accelerated LLM training. 

In this Lab Insight, you will learn: 

  • How Dell and Broadcom along with AI hardware accelerators provide the foundation for successful AI deployments
  • The architecture of the AI platform as a service built using Dell and Broadcom hardware components
  • How Dell and Broadcom scale linearly for training with heterogenous platforms

If you are interested in learning more, download your copy of Dell and Broadcom Deliver Scale-Out AI Platform for Industry, today.

Author Information

Randy draws from over 35 years of experience in helping storage companies design and develop products. As a partner at Evaluator Group and now The Futurum Group, he spends much of his time advising IT end-user clients on architectures and acquisitions.

Previously, Randy was Vice President of Storage and Planning at Sun Microsystems. He also developed disk and tape systems for the mainframe attachment at IBM, StorageTek, and two startup companies. Randy also designed disk systems at Fujitsu and Tandem Computers.

Prior to joining The Futurum Group, Randy served as the CTO for ProStor, where he brought products to market addressing a long-term archive for Information Technology and the Healthcare and Media/Entertainment markets.

He has also written numerous industry articles and papers as an educator and presenter, and he is the author of two books: Planning a Storage Strategy and Information Archiving – Economics and Compliance. The latter is the first book of its kind to explore information archiving in depth. Randy regularly teaches classes on Information Management technologies in the U.S. and Europe.

Russ brings over 25 years of diverse experience in the IT industry to his role at The Futurum Group. As a partner at Evaluator Group, he built the highly successful lab practice, including IOmark benchmarking.

Prior to Evaluator Group he worked as a Technology Evangelist and Storage Marketing Manager at Sun Microsystems. He was previously a technologist at Solbourne Computers in their test department and later moved to Fujitsu Computer Products. He started his tenure at Fujitsu as an engineer and later transitioned into IT administration and management.

Russ possesses a unique perspective on the industry through his experience as both a product marketing and IT consumer.

A Colorado native, Russ holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Math and Computer Science from University of Colorado, Boulder, as well as a Master of Business Administration in International Business and Information Technology from University of Colorado, Denver.