Product and Partnership Announcements from mParticle, Oracle, Ikue, and Tealium

Data Security, Consent Management, and Industry Specific Solutions Are Launched

Customer data platform product announcements and platforms

The CX technology stack is composed of a variety of solutions that support and create an optimal customer experience.

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Customer data platforms (CDPs) and analytics are a key segment, helping organizations understand how customers have been interacting with the brand, from marketing, through sales, and post-sale, all in one place. Like other CX segments there is a steady stream of partnerships, integrations, and product enhancements.

Ikue Launches CDP Built Specifically for Telcos

UK startup Ikue has introduced its CDP that has been designed and built specifically for telecom operator marketing teams. Since it is geared toward enabling marketing personalization at scale, it is a cloud-based SaaS platform that helps to unify data from a wide range of applications systems and channels, which results in a real time, 360-degree view of a telco’s customer. The platform leverages AI and can be a single location for operators to gather, combine, organize, and analyze customer data.

Bronwynne Stoddart, founder and CEO at Ikue, says “Telecom operators are under pressure to manage the optimal equilibrium between shareholder interests, increasing price regulations, legal restrictions, and license fee costs from national regulators… Operators are making significant investments in customer marketing programs to reduce customer churn, reduce price erosion, and drive cross- and upsell opportunities for additional products and services. These marketing programs require a single, unified view of each individual customer to target the right person, at the right time, with the right message. At the moment, however, too many customer engagement messages by operators are poorly targeted, mistimed, and often irrelevant. As a result, typical response rates are under one percent, significantly decreasing the ROI in marketing programs. With Ikue, operators can expect to see a significant uplift in incremental revenue over existing marketing programs.”

The company will be targeting small to midsize operators.

mParticle Enhances Customer Data Security with Custom Access Role API

mParticle introduced Custom Access Roles to its platform, augmenting its enterprise-grade controls to enhance security and make compliance simpler. Custom Access Roles give customers the ability to create unique roles specific to the needs of any employee working with customer data.

Custom Access Roles limit the number of users that have privileged access and customers can decide which permissions belong to which roles, giving the right data to people when needed.

New AI Models Added to Oracle’s CDP

Oracle Unity, a CDP that is part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience, has been enhanced with the addition of 15 baseline AI models that help to deliver more personalized experiences that can be industry specific.

“Every industry has its own unique language and processes. To make sense of the various types of data and gain a true competitive advantage, customer data needs to be viewed through the appropriate industry lens,” says Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle Customer Experience. “Unity has always been more than a traditional CDP, and today we are making it even more powerful by enabling organizations to use the expertise Oracle has built from 40+ years of data modeling across the world’s largest industries.”

Oracle Unity will now include AI models for the automotive, consumer packaged goods (CPG), communications, financial services, healthcare, high tech, and utilities industries.

Tealium Announces Partnerships and Product Enhancements

Tealium has been announcing a steady strong of product and partnership announcements over the past few weeks. New and upcoming product capabilities include:

  • Consent management framework and orchestration
  • Identity partner ecosystem: An ecosystem of identity solutions to assist companies with customer intelligence
  • More granular data collection and integration resilience

“An organization’s first-party data can be a huge asset, but untrusted, ungoverned data is a liability,” says Bob Page, Senior Vice President, Product at Tealium. “Customer data is the lifeblood of any business. With the sunsetting of third-party cookies and customers demanding more control of how their data is used, organizations need to future-proof their business now.”

“Our compliance-backed solutions help organizations instill trust internally, all while building and fostering trust with consumers as privacy preferences change,” says Ted Purcell, Chief Revenue Officer at Tealium. “Our goal is to ensure our customers are always at the forefront of delivering the best, most accurate, and consistent customer experiences.”

Tealium also announced partnerships with Acxiom and Indegene. The former partnership brings together Acxiom’s Real Identity solution with Tealium’s AudienceStream CDP. This combination will give companies a framework that will help to find predictive behavioral cues and uncover confirmed interests. This will be available in the US and will be expanding into Europe. From a CX perspective, the partnership will:

  • Consistently connect people across digital touchpoints and channels, both online and offline
  • Understand individual customer behavior, how they interact with brands, and what resonates
  • Activate customer insights based on real-time intelligence
  • Create customer experiences that meet marketing goals

According to David Skinner, Chief Strategy Officer at Acxiom, “Our Real Identity product enhances Tealium’s CDP deterministic capabilities by collecting and merging customer identities based on probabilistic matching and enriching owned data. Brands can now unify their data, generate customer insights, drive marketing goals, and activate experiences within one easy-to-use, privacy-compliant tool.”

“We’re excited to bring to market a single, no-code solution that builds holistic customer views and audiences, activates them in real time, and ultimately leads to an enhanced, more connected experience for our customers,” says Mike Anderson, CTO at Tealium.

The Tealium-Indegene partnership centers on the combination of Tealium’s CDP with healthcare solutions provider Indegene’s life sciences domain knowledge and data/analytics expertise. Life sciences organizations are increasingly focused on capturing each moment of healthcare practitioner interaction so that their experience can be improved. This is a challenge with the substantial amounts of data being produced and it is difficult to connect and collage the data in one central place, hindering organizations’ ability to gain patient insights. The integration with Tealium will help to resolve customer data collection and storage, marketing automation and implementation, and data and analytics. This can then be leveraged into personalized, real-time messaging to targeted audiences.

“As a leading global digital-first, life sciences commercialization partner, we are excited to collaborate with Tealium and help life sciences brands with embedded and AI-driven data capabilities that boost their omnichannel CX priorities. With the latest Tealium for Pharma offering, we enable global life sciences commercial teams with powerful data and identity management capabilities, allowing them to craft personalized and relevant experiences with life sciences brands,” says Vivek Ghai, SVP, Indegene Enterprise Commercial. “We will also help global life sciences brands uncover their customer behavioral insights and patterns from data silos across channels around the world – a key area that helps them become not just data first, but future ready.”

Jay Calavas, Head of Vertical Products at Tealium, adds, “The life sciences industry is extremely dynamic and deals with many complexities unique to its space, including regulations and navigating a constantly evolving ecosystem. That’s why having a robust customer data strategy is critical. To take our platform to the next level, Tealium is proud to activate integrations with Indegene to zero in on life science companies’ ability to create better journeys for its customers, ultimately leading to better patient experiences.”

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