Leading Organizations Chose Qualtrics in Q2, Aiming for Enhanced Experiences

Organizations Were in Education, Healthcare, Customer Care, Finance, and Human Resources

Qualtrics customer wins and case studies

Organizations across various fields of specialization partnered with Qualtrics in the second quarter of 2022, deploying Qualtrics solutions in pursuit of a broad range of goals tied to the creation of exceptional experiences and the achievement of better outcomes. Publicizing its partnership with the organizations in a series of news releases, Qualtrics showcased its extensive initiatives in the fields of education, healthcare, customer care, finance, and employee experience (EX).


In education, a diverse group of organizations chose Qualtrics XM solutions to better understand and improve student experiences. Those organizations include Washington State University, with its emphasis on improving student health services because of the pandemic; the New York City Department of Education, which is investing in experience data and insights to drive student enrollment; the San Antonio Independent School District, with an ambitious agenda that includes making its schools safer and providing better social and emotional support to students; the University of Minnesota, which is adding CX solutions for student experience management; and 2U Inc., an online education platform company using Qualtrics to collect real-time student and faculty feedback throughout the online learning journey.


In healthcare, a prominent organization that chose Qualtrics was the University of Missouri Health Care (MU Health Care), an academic health system with more than 6,000 physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals in 80 specialties serving 240,000 patients each year. MU Health Care turned to Qualtrics for its customizable XM platform, and the Qualtrics CX solutions for patient experience management will enable the health system to personalize patient experiences across its different care environments.

Other healthcare organizations that partnered with Qualtrics during the second quarter were Banner Health, Christus Health, Integrated Behavioral Health Network, and Scarlet Health.

Customer Care

In the field of customer care, organizations chose Qualtrics to better understand customer emotion, effort, and intent to create more personal and empathetic experiences. With customer purchasing behavior changing markedly because of the pandemic, many companies found it crucial to understand what their customers needed, and then to take action quickly to satisfy those needs.

The Ooredoo Group, an international telecommunications company that connects 121 million people across the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia, chose Qualtrics as its CX platform so that it could access information to create new and personalized products in a highly competitive market faced with the adoption of 5G, changing demands, and a newly conscientious customer base.  

Global vehicle glass repair and replacement company Belron added Qualtrics XM Discover to get a single view of all customer feedback, enabling it to understand and act on what customers were saying in surveys, conversations, online reviews, and social media.  

India’s Tata Digital expanded with Qualtrics to capture ongoing customer insights so its new digital platform could evolve to meet consumer needs. And Venues NSW, which is welcoming fans back to its network of sporting and entertainment precincts, including the Sydney Cricket Ground and Accor Stadium, will use Qualtrics to help deliver a superior fan experience tailored for attendees’ evolving needs and expectations.  

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In finance, organizations chose Qualtrics to harness unstructured data sources across emails, chat logs, surveys and more to understand the root causes of customer satisfaction and employee engagement, followed by the automatic recommendation of actions to drive greater conversion and retention.

Lloyds Banking Group (LBG), the largest retail and commercial financial services provider in the UK, extended its relationship with Qualtrics to improve the company’s operational efficiency and help customers facing financial difficulty through real-time views of customer challenges.

And forPNC Financial Services Group, one of the largest diversified financial services institutions in the United States, Qualtrics will help the organization understand what matters most to the company’s stakeholders while also enabling employees to deliver meaningful  banking experiences and deepen customer relationships.

Employee Experience

Organizations chose Qualtrics EX solutions to attract and retain talent, increase employee engagement, and improve productivity. Retaining top performers was a major priority for most C-suite leaders, according to a recent Qualtrics study, and many companies recognized the need to keep their best employees engaged and productive.

In Q2, Qualtrics extended its relationship with Merck KGaA, the German healthcare, life sciences, and electronics multinational firm that employs 57,000 people across 66 countries. With Merck continuing to invest in using experience data and insights to foster EX, the company chose Qualtrics Employee XM to further enhance its employee and leadership development program. The program is designed not just to provide development feedback and suggestions to the individual, but also to detect skills and culture gaps across the organization for it to address. 

Meanwhile, Buffalo, New York-based M&T Bank expanded its existing association with Qualtrics by adding Qualtrics EX solutions to better address employee needs following the financial institution’s acquisition of Bridgeport, Connecticut-headquartered People’s United Bank. The amplified partnership with Qualtrics is aimed at enabling bank workers to continue delivering noteworthy customer service and help their communities thrive.  

About Qualtrics

With co-headquarters in Provo, Utah, and Seattle, Washington, Qualtrics is the inventor of the concept and category known as experience management (XM), which the company defines as the administration and supervision of experiences from the four business pillars comprising products, customers, brand, and employees, with each pillar contributing toward the successful objective of a business.

Qualtrics reported total revenue of $356.4 million for the second quarter, up 43% from $249.3 million a year ago, while operating losses narrowed to $272.0 million from $273.7 million for the same period.

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