CX Wins with Qualtrics, UKG, and Tattle

Partnerships Succeed with University of Utah Health, Leslie’s Inc., and HTeaO

CX Wins with Qualtrics, UKG, and Tattle

Qualtrics Partners with University of Utah Health to Improve Patient Experience

Experience management (XM) company Qualtrics and its Qualtrics XM for Healthcare solution helped drive a 100% increase in patient feedback at the University of Utah Health, enabling frontline employees at the medical center to not only respond quickly to patients but also to use the insights gained during the care process to create a patient-centered healthcare experience.

Also known as U of U Health, the center uses Qualtrics XM for Healthcare to collect and analyze patient feedback at scale, and then to quickly share insights with the people able to immediately address patients’ needs. Prior to deploying Qualtrics, U of U Health used only traditional post-transactional patient satisfaction surveys after patients left a hospital or clinic, but leaders realized they were missing opportunities to provide dynamic and flexible options for patients to provide feedback.

The only academic medical center in Utah, U of U Health provides patient care, education, and research across six states in the Rocky Mountain region. The medical center employs more than 24,000 workers, including 1,400 physicians and 5,000 healthcare professionals, and serves more than two million patients annually across five hospitals and 12 community healthcare centers throughout the U of U Health system.

With the Qualtrics implementation, center patients are able to share real-time feedback on issues and concerns—from food orders to their care plan. In turn, the university’s healthcare staff uses the listening technology present in Qualtrics to understand and resolve patient situations.

With patient feedback increasing because of the Qualtrics deployment, U of U Health is now also analyzing themes occurring in the collected patient feedback to make fundamental changes to programs and to design new strategies that best serve patients and their families, such as investing in online scheduling and improved messaging.

“University of Utah Health not only actively listens throughout the patient journey, but we’re also taking it one step further and taking real-time action to improve the patient experience without over-burdening our caregivers,” said Dan Lundergan, CEO at U of U Health Hospitals and Clinics. With the number of comments received by the center more than doubling on a weekly basis following the use of Qualtrics, more voices are being heard that help the healthcare facility determine whether changes are needed to accommodate the diverse needs of its patients, Lundergan adds.

Adrienne Boissy, MD and chief medical officer at Qualtrics, praises the center for its efforts. “University of Utah Health is a fantastic example of earning—and keeping—the trust of patients and communities by focusing on the entirety of the patient experience. It’s also rewarding to see patients highlight their positive experiences with their care teams, bringing frontline teams together with a shared sense of purpose—a significant benefit while the industry is in the midst of a staffing shortage.”

The inventor of the XM category, Qualtrics has various industry solutions that assist organizations in gathering feedback during various stages of the customer journey. Qualtrics XM for Healthcare is one such solution, helping healthcare and life sciences organizations design experiences aimed at improving satisfaction and at delivering optimal healthcare experiences for patients, employees, and their communities.

UKG and Leslie’s Create Empowering Workplace

UKG, the provider of workforce management (WFM) and human resource (HR) management services, has been supporting the frontline employees of Leslie’s Inc., the largest direct-to-consumer brand in the US pool and spa care industry, in the company’s goal to deliver exceptional CX. Employing thousands of hourly associates, pool and spa care experts, and service technicians at 1,000 retail stores across the US, Leslie’s says it understands the importance of inspiring the workforce through technology that makes workers’ lives easier.

For this reason, Leslie’s has deployed UKG Pro Suite across its enterprise, serving as a one-stop shop providing workforce and HR information to company employees throughout their work journey—starting with recruiting and onboarding, and then with real-time access to pay information, benefits administration, schedules, learning tools, performance reviews, and HR service delivery. As a result, associates can focus on what matters most — delivering the highest quality service to customers.

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“Our associates work traditional retail hours including nights and weekends that don’t necessarily align with our corporate office. That means we need to make it quick and easy for them to get the support and information they need so they can return to interacting with customers,” remarked Jessica Foster, senior HR operations manager at Leslie’s.

Foster says UKG fulfills its role through a library of self-service content, a comprehensive knowledge base that allows Leslie’s to centrally manage and automate not only manual tasks but also actions that involve multiple touchpoints and stakeholders. UKG also provides Leslie’s employees with real-time visibility into labor data and schedules, enabling leaders to make decisions for their teams that are fair and accommodating, while also managing the business, Leslie’s executives say.

Bob DelPonte, senior vice president of customer success and global delivery services at UKG, says Leslie’s is an example of how UKG partners with organizations of all sizes across various industries to fully support frontline employees on their work journey “Our solutions are purposely designed to engage and support every person, no matter their role or where, when, and how they prefer to work, resulting in exceptional outcomes for all.”
Established in 2020 as a result of the merger between Ultimate Software and Kronos Incorporated, UKG provides workforce management technology with advanced tools and capabilities thar help companies improve operational efficiency and enhance employee engagement and productivity. The company has dual headquarters—in Lowell, Massachusetts, and in Weston, Florida.

Tattle Teams Up with HTeaO to Elevate Guest Experience

CX improvement firm Tattle says it is teaming up with Midland, Texas-based iced tea franchise HTeaO to measure guest sentiment and operational performance at the chain’s locations. With the partnership, HTeaO will be able to collect direct, private guest feedback through Tattle’s automated survey emails following guest transactions.

Founded in 2018, HTeaO is a quick-serve iced tea franchise with 100 locations and more than 500 signed franchise agreements across 14 states. Using all-natural ingredients for 26 proprietary flavors, the brand has created its own supply chain to ensure that each store receive all essential products and to help keep costs low.

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Using Tattle, HTeaO operators, including general managers and executives, will be able to survey guests following a dining experience, with the surveys performed automatically and conducted directly with guest diners in privacy. In the surveys, HTeaO operational categories like food quality, hospitality, accuracy, and speed of services are broken down into underlying factors, such as temperature and texture. Feedback data from diners is analyzed, and Tattle then provides recommendations and monthly objectives for each location to best improve guest satisfaction. Insights are also given to identify opportunities for improvement for operations, marketing, guest services, and culinary teams.

All told, the guest feedback process is simplified thanks to the Tattle platform, which is built with an open application programming interface (API). And using existing third-party tools and API integrations, Tattle connects brands with their guests at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

“Tattle was a clear, easy choice for us,” said Heath Nielsen, president of HTeaO. “Our brand originated from a unique understanding of customers’ preferences for iced tea, and we will continue capitalizing on that advantage by tapping into Tattle’s guest sentiment and data analytics technology. By having a full grasp on both in-store and drive-thru guest feedback, we can take confident strides in realizing our ambitious growth plans in years to come.”

Alex Beltrani, Tattle CEO and founder, agrees. “Tattle’s technology has been a game-changer for the hospitality industry, providing detailed data and insights on guest satisfaction to improve operations and elevate the customer experience across multiple channels. We’re excited to continue our growth and partner with more businesses across the country who want to provide best-in-class customer loyalty and valuable insights to improve their business.”

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