CX Wins with MoEngage, 8×8, and Algolia

New Partners Include Bharti AXA Life Insurance, Rayna Tours, Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency, and Zenni Optical

CX Wins with MoEngage, 8x8, and Algolia

MoEngage Teams Up with Bharti AXA Life Insurance and with Rayna Tours

Customer engagement company MoEngage is helping streamline communications and bolster customer outreach initiatives at Bharti AXA Life Insurance, in a partnership aimed at making the Bengaluru, India-based insurance provider a CX frontrunner.

Recognizing its changing customer needs, Bharti AXA Life chose MoEngage to unify previously siloed communication channels and to optimize the frequency of company communications. In so doing, the insurance provider says it has attained a more comprehensive CX across multiple channels.

“We were looking for a platform to engage with our customers in the right manner. MoEngage has stepped in as the answer to all [our] challenges,” said Pankaj Gupta, chief technology officer at Bharti AXA Life. “We can now orchestrate bespoke customer journeys… and engage with customers across channels like SMS and WhatsApp, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.”

Bharti AXA Life is part of a growing roster of companies—many based in the Middle East—that have teamed up with San Francisco-based MoEngage. In December, MoEngage also successfully forged a partnership with Dubai-headquartered Rayna Tours, a travel agency that primarily serves the United Arab Emirates (UAE) but also caters to an extensive secondary market that includes the countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council, India, US, UK, Europe, and Canada.

With the partnership, Rayna Tours plans to deploy the MoEngage platform to increase customer retention, drive higher booking conversion rates, and ultimately boost revenue.

“Our experience with MoEngage has been positive, empowering us to optimize engagement strategies and drive better outcomes in the travel industry,” said Rajkumar Gaikwad, business head at Rayna Tours. “By leveraging MoEngage’s insights and engagement capabilities, we anticipate a measurable impact on our bottom line.”

8×8 Partners with Michigan’s Wayne Metro to Better Serve the Community

Unified communications platform provider 8×8, Inc. has teamed up with Michigan nonprofit Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency to enhance customer engagement while also improving employee efficiency and productivity at the organization.

Serving approximately 35,000 low- and moderate-income residents, Wayne Metro previously faced challenges within its connect center, including a cumbersome phone system that required frequent maintenance and complex configuration, which led to issues with agent productivity and the handling of customer interactions. To support the community effectively, Wayne Metro knew it needed a communication platform that was easy to use and maintain, and one that was also capable of providing a seamless citizen and employee experience.

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Wayne Metro chose XCaaS, the integrated cloud contact center and unified communications platform of 8×8, for its ease of use and flexible functionality, which enables Metro’s hybrid workforce of 800 employees to work from anywhere. Wayne Metro is also able to capitalize on 8×8’s speech analytics for staff training and monitoring, with the built-in CRM capabilities facilitating a smooth CX. As a result of deploying 8×8, Wayne Metro’s contact center, which consists of eight different channels responsible for supporting different programs, now manages more than 220,000 customer interactions each month.

“We are inspired every single day by the citizens we have the privilege of working with and serving, and so it stands to reason that we would do everything in our power to ensure that we are able to provide them with the resources, support, and accessibility that they need. And this starts with the communications platform we use,” said Joseph Coogan, assistant IT director at Wayne Metro. “8×8 allows us to not only effectively collaborate and engage with our citizens but also communicate internally amongst employees with the click of a button. It’s encouraging to have a technology vendor that is as dedicated to our mission, and ensuring we have what we need to deliver exceptional citizen service.”

Hunter Middleton, chief product officer at 8×8, says that as an organization, the company is committed to providing customers with solutions that are innovative in both features and functionality. “As Wayne Metro continues to work within their community, our goal at 8×8 is to offer a source of stability and reliability that so many of Wayne Metro’s citizens do not currently have,” Middleton noted. “We are thrilled that by working with 8×8, Wayne Metro has been able to increase the number of customer interactions their contact center processes each month, and improve overall productivity, efficiency, and communication and collaboration.”

Founded in 1971, Wayne Metro serves Michigan’s most populous county, whose county seat is Detroit. The organization offers more than 60 programs focused on quality housing, family stability, and economic opportunities, while also providing essential services like weatherization of houses and water assistance to improve the lives of community members.

Campbell, California-based 8×8 operates the platform XCaaS—also known as Experience Communications as a Service—an integrated contact center, voice communications, video, chat, and SMS solution built on one global cloud communications platform. The platform is known for eliminating the silos between unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and contact center as a service (CCaaS) to power the communications requirements of companies and their employees to deliver differentiated CX.

Algolia Helps Zenni Optical Boost Revenue

AI search-and-discovery platform provider Algolia is marking a successful partnership with Zenni Optical following a 34% increase in revenue by the online eyewear retailer to transform CX and elevate its position as a leading destination for online prescription eyewear. In choosing Algolia’s secure, cloud-hosted search-and-discovery platform, Zenni transitioned away from two legacy search platforms, not only streamlining the storage of customer data but also significantly improving search functionality.

“Once we went into full production with Algolia, we saw Zenni’s search revenue increase by 34%,” said David Ting, chief technology officer and general manager at Zenni Optical. “Equally importantly, our average order value (AOV) grew by 16% with a 9% uptick in conversion rates.”

As a leading destination for online prescription eyewear, Zenni provides 1 in 5 of all glasses sold in the US, and through its global distribution, sells more than 20,000 eyewear frames every day. Algolia connects Zenni customers to their preferred eyewear frames through the Algolia AI search platform and its AI “synonyms” feature. Using the vocabulary, phrasing, and language of customers, Algolia simplifies their synonyms and finds the frames that customers want, Ting notes. “Guessing and creating every synonym for different customer’s needs at scale is a major challenge, if not impossible, especially if you support multiple languages,” Ting added.

Michelle Adams, chief revenue officer at Algolia, notes the catalyzing effect of Algolia on Zenni’s CX, with the 34% surge in Zenni search revenue demonstrating the platform’s ability to address the dynamic business requirements of modern e-commerce enterprises.

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