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Energy Usage is Becoming a Required Metric for Quantum Computing
Dr. Bob Sutor of The Futurum Group examines an announcement by a French electric utility company, two quantum computing companies, and the French National Centre for Scientific Research to study and optimize the energy use of quantum computing systems.
Camberley Bates at The Futurum Group, covers the Nutanix and SIOS partnership to deliver high availability to mission critical applications.
Quantum Computing Companies are Not Immune from Leadership Changes at the Top
Dr. Bob Sutor of The Futurum Group notes the quantum computing companies that have recently replaced their CEOs. He examines why organizations make such changes, including several specific to the quantum industry.
In this episode of Infrastructure Matters, hosts Camberley Bates, Steve Dickens and Krista Macomber discuss key topics around cybersecurity and AI, as well as IBM’s investments in Wimbledon.
The Oxide Cloud Computer Platform is a First-Principles Redesign of On-Premises Cloud Infrastructure.
Alastair Cooke, CTO Advisor at The Futurum Group, shares his insights on Oxide Computer’s multi-rack-scale on-premises cloud infrastructure and the innovative approach Oxide brings to tightly integrated server infrastructure hardware design.
Oracle Debuts Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Telco Landing Zone, Google Cloud Motorola Bring GenAI to Razr Smartphones and AWS Seeks Global Roaming
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Steven Dickens examine the recent key 5G-related moves made by the hyperscale cloud providers including Google Cloud and Motorola announcing a new multi-year relationship to bring GenAI to Motorola phones, AWS works with SK Telecom to test outbound roaming across its global infrastructure, and OCI Telco Landing Zone debuts aimed at optimizing telco workloads.
In a recent exchange, Tucker Callaway, CEO of Mezmo joined Paul Nashawaty for a discussion on Mezmo Data Management, Observability, and Getting Value Out of Telemetry Data.
Steven Dickens, Chief Technology Advisor at The Futurum Group, is joined by Scott Fagen, President of SHARE, to talk about the upcoming SHARE conference, discussing its role in showcasing mainframe innovations and fostering industry networking.
Matt Baker, SVP - AI Enablement at Dell Technologies, alongside Solidigm, shares his insights on Dell's Density Journey, exploring the future of AI and technology density.
Bertrand Cardinal from Desjardins focuses on modernizing banking solutions through unit and automated testing, aiming for quality and efficiency in app development and advocating for developer-centric platforms.
Camberley Bates at The Futurum Group reflects on NetApp’s Intelligent Data Infrastructure across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, enhancing operational consistency and resilience.
Steven Dickens, Chief Technology Advisor, emphasizes the strategic importance of the Australian Government's partnership with AWS in bolstering national defense and cybersecurity capabilities. He highlights how this collaboration will leverage advanced technologies to protect sensitive information and enhance interoperability with international partners.