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Qlik Continues Evolving Data Analytics Into a Data Quality Platform Critical for AI Applications
Dr. Bob Sutor of The Futurum Group reports on the announcements at the Qlik Connect conference in June. He discusses the company’s rich data analytics heritage, product evolution, and increasing incorporation of AI and the cloud.
On this episode of The Six Five Webcast, hosts Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman discuss Computex 2024, Cisco Live 2024, SAP Sapphire Orlando 2024, US investigates NVIDIA, Microsoft, and OpenAI, CEO change at Lattice Semi, and senior leadership change at Lenovo.
Paul Nashawaty, Practice Lead at The Futurum Group, shares his insights on the StorMagic competitive alternative to VMware.
Generative AI Assistant Tech Leverages Company Data and Strict Privacy Controls to Deliver Enterprise-Grade Experiences
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director with The Futurum Group, covers Adobe’s general availability release of Adobe Experience Platform AI Assistant, and discusses the strategy Adobe needs to take around AI safety messaging in the future.
Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions V4 Portfolio Uses Intel Xeon 6 Processors to Make AI Accessible Ecosystem-wide with Right Mix of AI Across XPUs and Assets
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall assesses why Lenovo and Intel are advancing their mutual goal of bringing AI everywhere as the new Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions V4 portfolio uses Intel 6 processor breakthroughs to accelerate performance, consolidate IT, and lower power consumption, including especially across demanding AI environments.
Real-Time Data and Intelligence Designed to Help Field Service Workers Monitor and Maintain Physical Assets
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director with The Futurum Group, covers Salesforce’s new asset-management enhancements, and discusses how these tools are integral to the company’s success in the competitive manufacturing and industrial verticals.
Two New Features – Automatic CSAT Generation and Agent Burnout Detection – Help the Solution Stand Apart from the Crowd
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director with The Futurum Group, covers Cisco’s new CCaaS enhancements that are powered by AI, and are designed to improve both agent and customer experiences.
Intel Shows Why Intel 6 Processors, Gaudi Accelerators, and Lunar Lake Architecture Breakthroughs Are Key to AI Cloud, Networking, Client, and Edge Innovation
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall assesses why Intel’s latest Xeon, Gaudi, and Lunar Lake platform innovations, reinforced by its field-proven extensive software and hardware ecosystem, can fulfill the unique challenges of the AI era with cost-advantageous, secure, and agile solutions for all its customers and partners.
Steven Dickens, VP and Practice Leader, shares that PayPal's integration of PYUSD with the Solana blockchain is a significant advancement in digital commerce, leveraging Solana's superior speed and cost efficiency. He emphasized that this development underscores the growing importance of stablecoins in modern finance and the need for robust regulatory frameworks to ensure their safe and effective use.
Pavan Davuluri, Corporate VP at Microsoft, joins Daniel Newman and Ryan Shrout to share his insights on Microsoft’s vision for AI in transforming the PC experience with Copilot+ PCs. Discover how AI redefines what's possible in computing.
In this engaging episode of the Six Five On the Road, our hosts dive into how Zoho's comprehensive suite of applications is revolutionizing businesses from SMBs to large enterprises, detailing the transformational impact of Zoho's products across various sectors.
Lisa Martin, Cory Johnson, and Melody Brue explore how Zoho's unwavering philosophy, strong convictions, and distinctive culture have been pivotal in its growth and success in the tech sector. A must-listen for those interested in the interplay between corporate values and business success.