Research Note: Cisco Webex BoardPro Running Microsoft Teams Rooms

Access the Market Study: Research Note: Cisco Webex BoardPro Running Microsoft Teams Rooms

As Webex and Microsoft prepare to release Microsoft Teams Rooms for Cisco Webex devices, The Futurum Group explores the benefits and experiences related to interoperability.

As the Webex devices team prepares to enable Microsoft Teams Rooms interoperability, clients of both Webex and Microsoft Teams are asking questions about the implications of this integration. This research note explores how Microsoft Teams Rooms operates on the Webex BoardPro 75”, from set up and provisioning to daily use. The goal of this research is to help adopting organizations understand what they stand to gain, as well as the trade-offs users experience when deploying this combination of in-room solutions.

Devices and Services used for this report:

  • Webex BoardPro 75” mounted on Cisco floor stand running RoomOS
  • Cisco Control Hub
  • Microsoft O365 Admin Panel
  • Microsoft Teams App Version:  1449/

Tested environment for this report:

  • Home Office Dimentions & Environment: 14.5’ X 12’, LVP flooring, Drywall walls and ceiling, 2x windows 60” x 30”

Each of these platforms was tested in conjunction with:

  • Cisco Webex Meetings and Whiteboard
  • Microsoft Teams Meetings and Whiteboard
  • Third Party Integrated App, Miro

Specific areas of research include:

  • How to Deploy Microsoft Teams Rooms on a Webex BoardPro?
  • What is the in-room / remote user interface?
  • What is the in-room / remote user experience?
  • What is the experience of Webex devices using Microsoft Teams Rooms?

This Futurum Intelligence report explores the key workflows necessary to collaborate in both local and hybrid meeting settings, encompassing video conferencing, brainstorming, ideation, and third-party software options. Futurum’s analysis compares the workflows across the evaluated solutions to highlight key differentiators for each. It further examines some of the key challenges that still need to be addressed. The information presented in this report enables IT decision makers to recognize if the combined solution aligns with current workflows. This report is also applicable to vendor product teams working to create best-in-segment integrations and interoperability for the workforce.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Cisco Webex RoomOS11
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • Provisioning Webex BoardPro 75′ as a Microsoft Teams Room
  • Microsoft Teams Meetings on a Webex BoardPro
  • Cisco Webex Meetings from a Microsoft Teams Room
  • Native Whiteboard Support
  • Third Party Integration Application Experience
  • Conclusions
  • About us
    • About the Author
    • About The Futurum Group
  • Notices
    • Copyright Notice
    • License Notice
    • Limitation of Liability Notice


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