VAST Data Extends to Google Cloud

VAST Data Extends to Google Cloud

The News: VAST Data has announced support for VAST Data Platform on Google Cloud. The announcement provides organizations flexibility to deploy VAST in Google Cloud independently or as part of a hybrid cloud deployment. More information can be found in the press release on the VAST website.

VAST Data Extends to Google Cloud

Analyst Take: VAST Data announced new support for running VAST clusters in Google Cloud. This announcement builds upon similar announcements for Amazon Web Services (AWS) that were made last year, and ultimately expands VAST’s footprint in cloud environments.

The announcement states that VAST clusters can be utilized in Google Cloud both independently or as part of a hybrid approach alongside on-premises VAST deployments. This hybrid cloud support highlights the VAST Dataspace, which offers a global namespace across environments, enabling organizations to store, manage, and move their data wherever it is needed, now including Google Cloud.

Ultimately, this announcement provides VAST Data users with more deployment options and greater flexibility. Google will additionally benefit, as the addition of VAST Data provides them with a compelling data platform offering that is well suited for AI.

As organizations continue building AI applications, support for hybrid cloud flexibility will be greatly beneficial. Both public clouds and on-premises data centers will have their own advantages and disadvantages when considering specific AI applications as well as when considering training versus inferencing. Public clouds offer greater flexibility and access to on-demand resources that may be crucial to model training, while on-premises deployments may better fit organizations’ data privacy and compliance needs. Likewise, organizations may have preferences to leverage different cloud providers, such as Google or AWS, in different circumstances. By adding cloud support and global management functionality with VAST Dataspace, VAST Data is providing this flexibility to allow organizations to leverage their data how and where they need it to power their AI applications.

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