The Six Five Summit 2022

The Six Five team discusses the upcoming 2022 Six Five Summit.

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Daniel Newman: And that’s, you and I are hosting, launching our third inaugural Six Five Summit, June 7 to 9. It’s going to be an on-demand event, virtual. And, all of you are welcome to sign up, register, and attend. Having said that Pat, we have a good chunk of our lineup now secure. It’s going to be three days this year, 12 tracks everything from chips to SAS, quantum and metaverse, ESG, cloud and automotive. So, we’re going to be covering a wider swath of technology than we’ve ever covered at the event. Very proud to announce our top opening event keynote speaker, IBM CEO, Arvind Krishna, thrilled to have him joining us, Pat. And also, we have three day opener keynotes. I’ll give one of them and then I’ll let you give a couple, so I don’t take them all. But, very proud to be announcing that Matt Murphy, Marvell’s CEO, which we’ve talked a number of times about here on the show will be joining us to do one of the day openers. And then, Pat, we got two more. Who are they?

Patrick Moorhead: Yeah. So, Ericcson North America CEO, Niklas Heuveldop, and Honeywell CEO, Darius-

Daniel Newman: Adamczyk.

Patrick Moorhead: … Adamczyk. Thank you.

Daniel Newman: Yeah. It’s a pronunciation thing.

Patrick Moorhead: Usually I can say it, I have a hard time spelling it.

Daniel Newman: Aren’t you in Phoenix to see some cool Honeywell tech today?

Patrick Moorhead: I am. In fact, I’m visiting an aerospace facility they have here. I’m going to see some incredible drones.

Daniel Newman: It is still like sub seven o’clock there, so coffee it up.

Patrick Moorhead: Yeah, it’s 7:06 AM, I should be chipper.

Daniel Newman: And then we have a pretty awesome list of track openers, Pat. I think what are we up to about 14, 15 publicly traded CEOs that’ll be speaking at the event now? The whole event will be somewhere around 90 total speakers. We will have an absolute blast having these conversations and just thrilled at all the participation. I mean, you and I probably need to get one of those logo slides, but last year I think we had about 30, 33 companies participate. And I think this year we’re going to be closer to 50.

Patrick Moorhead: Oh yeah. We’ve already had 33 sign up, so we are well ahead of where we were last year. And I think last year was impressive. I mean, let’s do a little reminiscing here. So, yeah, here’s who is here last year. It’s impressive.

Daniel Newman: Yeah. And almost everybody’s back. We’ve added a whole bunch more. And just remember, last year, so we have 55 speakers, 36 companies, 15 global CEOs. We’ll probably be closer to 80 to 90 speakers. We’ll have probably 50 companies, and probably no less than 20, 25 global CEOs, huge support from the media, 2.7 million people viewed these videos last year. So, an absolute just killer event. And so, I think, we try to not do too much self promo here. We try to talk about what’s going on in the market, but this event Pat… And by the way, we worked extremely hard. So, for everyone out there that is checking this out, we would love to have you register if you’re in the industry, and you’re following our show, and you’re not participating, ping us. We’d love to get you involved in the event. It’s going to be world class.

And again, we’re going to talk about all the things… Not just about products and services. This is really a global thought leadership event. I mean, if you look at the lineup of the speakers that we’ve had over the past few years, this is Davos for the high-tech industry. And, it’s just so exciting, Pat.

So, a little chest beating, a little chest pounding that hey, we’ve got a lineup of speakers that we are going to provide to you, by the way, the public for free. You do not have to pay. You can register, you can attend. All these sessions are going to be available on demand. There will be content that will be relevant for you to listen to for a year, or more, because it isn’t just products. There’s a few things that’ll get launched and a few news items that’ll pop out of the event, but it’s really visionary. And how we’re going to keep the momentum and innovation going forward even as we leave the pandemic, crossing fingers, and as we enter this next era of what I would say, tougher growth, as the economics are changing as the commodity fed policy and liquidity is slowing down. But the Six Five and the Six Five Summit 2022 is a must if you care about what’s going on in tech. So sign up now. Pat, is there anything else that we need to say about that?

Patrick Moorhead: I don’t think we do. I think you drained that. But, what I’m going to do is just simplify, if you’re into thought leadership from the most influential people in tech, talking about thought leadership and strategy tune in. And it is thanks to the sponsors that we can bring it free to you. So, I want to thank you. So maybe, Daniel, we go through the full lineup next week.

Daniel Newman: Yeah. We’re going to keep teasing this. So, it’s the only way to make sure we use this great audience and all of our great listeners as a chance.

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