Smart Summary Released by Quantum Workplace

Smart Summary Released by Quantum Workplace

The News: Quantum Workplace has enhanced its Narrative Insights text analytics solution with the addition of Smart Summary. Smart Summary uses AI to provide efficiencies to the often time-consuming task of organizing and interpreting open-ended survey responses. For more information on Smart Summary, see the Press Release on the Quantum Workplace website.

Smart Summary Released by Quantum Workplace

Analyst Take: Gathering employee feedback is foundational to providing a positive employee experience, and allowing for open-ended questions can provide both a broader and deeper set of data. With that process, though, comes the mundane task of compiling and making sense of those responses. Quantum Workplace has introduced Smart Summary, a tool that uses artificial intelligence to provide efficiencies to this process.

I was able to speak with Chelsea Boryca and Luke Stritt from the Quantum Workplace team to get more information on Smart Summary as well as several other upcoming enhancements.

Finding Common Drivers for Employee Engagement to Drive Impact

Founded in 2002, Quantum Workplace has functionalities in engagement, performance, and intelligence. The company focuses on the SMB market across industries with particular success in the finance, professional services, healthcare, and industrial markets. According to the company, customers using its platform have seen a return on their investment (ROI) in under a year as well as sizable reductions in employee turnover.

Luke Stritt, Director of Business Development shares, “Quantum Workplace focuses on giving organizations the tools they need to create a culture of employee success, When we started to run the Best Places to Work Program, we were able to find the common drivers of employee engagement and truly connect the dots between engagement, performance, and culture.”

These common drivers are used within the engagement platform, being interwoven into engagement, pulse, and lifecycle surveys.

Quantum Workplace Director of Product Marketing, Chelsea Boryca, adds, “Our whole engagement offering is aimed at making it easier to understand incoming feedback data across all levels of the organization. We want to make it easy for managers to access this data, to know where they should focus, and what the highest impact questions are that drive engagement. Quantum Workplace has been validating our model for over 20 years to find those high impact questions.”

Smart Summary Eases Administrative Burdens and Speeds Action

The new Smart Summary feature uses generative AI to speed up the process of turning open-ended responses into summaries to quickly understand what employees are saying and speeding up the collection-insights-action cycle. Summaries are compiled in real time and allow users to edit them and regenerate the text.

Smart Summary Released by Quantum Workplace
Image Source: Quantum Workplace
Smart Summary Released by Quantum Workplace
Image Source: Quantum Workplace

Narrative Insights, which integrates into the Quantum Workplace Engagement platform, has had sentiment analysis and theme analysis for quite some time, leveraging neural network data models. In April 2023, Quantum Workplace launched keyword detection. This feature helps to monitor emerging risks based on what is uncovered in the comment section.

More Feature Enhancements on the Way

Quantum Workplace is developing a robust product roadmap with Smart Summary being one of a set of upcoming features aimed at digging deeper into employee feedback. Forthcoming introductions include a new survey notes tools and survey moderation abilities that will be added to lifecycle products for exit surveys. Smart post-survey action is another feature in development. These smart actions will include cascaded action plants and an action idea generator. Additionally, the company plans to do more work in predictive model development.

Another interesting area Quantum Workplace is looking at is scaling succession planning and providing more automated reporting for compliance needs.

Employee feedback provides the fuel for strong employee experience programs. Employees want to feel that their voices are heard and that appropriate actions are being taken. Tools and strategies that can help alleviate an often overburdened HR and management staff will help this to be a faster and easier process. This objective can be accomplished by:

  • Getting the information where it needs to go, across organizational levels
  • Compiling both the obvious and somewhat hidden sentiment in responses quickly and easily
  • Correctly summarizing open-ended responses
  • Generating insights and getting them into managers’ hands quickly

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