Samsung Tech Day 2021: Customer Collaboration Stories

In this short episode of the Futurum Tech Webcast, I sit down with Jim Elliott, Corporate SVP of Memory Sales for Samsung to discuss what customer collaboration stories we might hear at Samsung Tech Day 2021 on November 15, 2021.

The conversation covered:

  • How Samsung and its partners are pushing performance barriers across memory, CPUs, and the overall semiconductor industry.
  • How much pressure the IT community has been under due in large part to the digital transformations experienced during the pandemic.

There is lots to come during Samsung Tech Day 2021 and it’s sure to be a great event. If you are interested in attending, register here.

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Daniel Newman: Seeing the technology at work is always one of the things that gets me most excited. And the other thing that really always gets me pumped up is when I hear about customers taking new technologies, applying them, and changing, growing, scaling, winning in tough markets. You guys really had an impressive lineup of customer collaboration stories set up for this year’s tech day. What’s going to be the common thread?

Jim Elliott: So our agenda and if you think about the overall arc of the show, it’s all about that industry collaboration that we’ve been talking about and how we’re working together collectively to really push performance barriers across memory CPU and the overall semiconductor landscape. So how do all these ingredients work together to drive more system performance and that’s really the key.

So from that standpoint, it’s all about working together. And really as you’ll see, when you see the speaker roster, as well as some of the surprise guests that we have, we’re just so thankful to everybody who volunteered their time and participated with us and to give their insight into how Samsung’s memory technology has really helped solve some of these critical business and technology challenges. You think about the last almost two years now, so we’ll call it 21 months and in this pandemic era, and hopefully it’s in our rear view mirror now, but the digital transformation that’s come about as a result of that. And how much pressure has been put on the IS community for these kinds of workarounds, these going from in person meetings to virtual meetings and the IT infrastructure that that requires, and how do we continue to drive this innovation now, as we move forward and not lose the momentum that we’ve really picked up in the last 21 months through this digital transformation.

Daniel Newman: Yes, it’s always really indicative of what’s happened when we can get the customers to share the stories, the ones that had big challenges and were able to overcome them by implementing these technologies, putting them to use, putting them to work, and then coming out the other side. In many cases, those that did came out of the other side stronger, but that acceleration, it was already happening. The pandemic was like a catalyst.

Jim Elliott: It was a catalyst for all that change. I think, many, many years worth of digital transformation in just a few months. So we’re excited to be part of that.

Daniel Newman: Very impressive. All there for people who attend your tech day 2021. So just one more reason to register, show up, because you’re going to hear from these customers and you’re going to hear how these technologies help propel them through the pandemic.

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