Salesforce and Accenture Announce Collaboration on an Acceleration Hub for Generative AI for CRM Technologies

The News: Salesforce and Accenture announced a collaboration last week on an acceleration hub with a goal of helping to accelerate the deployment of generative AI across customer relationship management (CRM) technologies. The Salesforce Accenture collaboration will focus on help customers to expand on Salesforce’s Einstein GPT, a generative AI tool for CRM. Read more from Salesforce.

Salesforce and Accenture Announce Collaboration on an Acceleration Hub for Generative AI for CRM Technologies

Analyst Take: The Salesforce Accenture collaboration announced last week at Salesforce’s World Tour NYC event on the creation of an acceleration hub for generative AI for CRM tech fits right in with all that’s happening around gen AI these days.

As companies are looking to increase employee productivity and improve customer experiences, generative AI technologies — like Einstein GPT, Salesforce’s generative AI for CRM — will provide both by enabling them to better leverage data and insights to improve their operations. Salesforce and Accenture joining forces to create a new acceleration hub for generative AI is a well-timed move. As every business around the globe rushes to learn about and incorporate generative AI into their tech stacks, the allure of an acceleration hub is compelling. It’s also good for business, as Salesforce and Accenture can help businesses accelerate their adoption of generative AI technologies, and help customers to expand on Einstein GPT, Salesforce’s generative AI tool for CRM.

Einstein GPT is a generative AI technology that combines public and private AI models with CRM data, so that users can ask natural-language prompts (i.e., conversational questions) directly within Salesforce CRM. Through its training on the company’s training processes combined with the corresponding human feedback on its responses, Einstein GPT is able to generate specialized content tailored to each task which is highly accurate, and increasingly efficient. As an aside, I had the chance to have a great conversation with Salesforce’s Sameer Abhinkar a month or so ago at Enterprise Connect. Sameer is the director of product management for Service Cloud Einstein, and he walked me through the latest product updates on Einstein GPT. You can watch that conversation here:

Salesforce Accenture Acceleration Hub Offerings

The new Salesforce and Accenture acceleration hub will offer:

  • Custom AI Strategies and Accelerators for Growth. The ability to provide custom AI strategies and tips on growth accelerators will help customers increase productivity and profit for their businesses.
  • Innovative Use Cases for Sales and Service. The initial focus of the Salesforce Accenture Acceleration Hub will be on sales and service, homing in on automating sales tasks for ongoing engagement and improving customer experience to help companies respond to their customers more quickly and effectively.
  • Industry-Specific AI Models. The accelerator hub will initially focus on the financial services, health, manufacturing, and public sector industries.
  • Generative AI & Data Cloud. Salesforce and Accenture will explore how to create more personalized experiences for customers at a more rapid pace.
  • Upskilli for AI Success: Salesforce and Accenture plan to develop learning resources in the specific areas of programming for Einstein GPT, AI literacy, data science and analytics, and ethics and responsible AI.

The Salesforce Accenture acceleration hub will also provide customers with new user interfaces and access to both Salesforce proprietary large language models (LLMs) and third-party LLMs.

The Salesforce Accenture acceleration hub should go a long way toward accelerating adoption of generative AI for CRM technologies and I’m guessing that customers will be excited about this as we navigate this ‘all in on gen AI’ world that’s quickly become our new normal. The acceleration hub will provide the tools, resources, training, and support that businesses need to successfully integrate AI into their operations, which is exactly what’s needed. The partnership between Salesforce and Accenture has the potential to transform the way companies leverage data and insights to drive growth and innovation — I’m looking forward to watching the progress this acceleration hub is able to effect for customers.

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