New EX Products and Partnerships: Achievers, LumApps, Qualtrics, and Others

Enhanced Capabilities Announced Include Mobile Integration, Hyper-Personalization, and Continuous Feedback

Digital employee experience product launches

Achievers EX Platform Integrates with Zebra Mobile Devices

Employee voice and recognition solution provider Achievers has integrated its Employee Experience Platform with Zebra Technologies’ mobile devices. The Achievers Employee Experience Platform is built on a science based “Belonging Model” that was developed by Achievers Workforce Institute. This model has five pillars:

  • Welcomed
  • Known
  • Included
  • Supported
  • Connected

The integration with Zebra’s mobile devices extends Achievers’ solutions to remote and frontline employees.

“Employees demand tools that allow them to work efficiently, and managers need technology to analyze and act swiftly, whether they’re working from home or in the field,” says Jeff Cates, CEO, Achievers. “We’re now able to offer access to our platform on Zebra’s enterprise-class mobile devices, which in turn will increase employee engagement and create a better culture for organizations, especially those that rely on frontline and remote employees.”

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LumApps Introduces Employee Data Layer for Hyper-Personalization

EX platform provider LumApps has launched a new dynamic digital data hub, which it is hailing as the industry’s first employee data layer. This data layer will allow targeted personalization, leveraging
synchronized information from different channels, devices, and applications across an entire business. “We’re taking the power of consumer personalization and applying it to the employee experience. Similar to how Netflix recommends movies, LumApps’ employee data layer will enable highly targeted and personalized employee interactions that ultimately help engage, enable, and retain great talent,” says Chris McLaughlin, CMO at LumApps. “We live in an era where people expect us to not only understand their wants and needs but anticipate and exceed them. The digital workplace is no exception,” says McLaughlin. “LumApps’ employee data layer allows organizations to sift through vast amounts of information to make every employee interaction smarter and deliver a game-changing employee experience.”

The employee data layer uses AI to orchestrate and deliver the right type of communications across touchpoints and personalized experiences along the employee journey. Additionally, similar to consumer personalization technologies, as time passes the system aggregates employees’ activities, interests, and preferences, allowing for greater segmentation and analysis to support deep understanding of employees and their interests. As more information is added, the system can provide intelligent predictions about likely future actions and events.

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Namely Introduces Continuous Feedback Feature

HR platform provider Namely has introduced a new tool, Continuous Feedback, which makes it possible to deliver feedback on an ongoing basis rather than limiting it to a performance review cycle. With this new feature, users can share comments at any time, with employees receiving an instant notification. Additionally, peer-to-peer feedback can be left privately. Feedback can be stored securely in an employee profile and accessed by both managers and employees. Settings can be customized by a system administrator, allowing for customized sharing, topic configuration and feedback categorization.

Namely CEO Larry Donavan says, “In today’s workplace, some employees have never even met their coworkers in person. That means HR professionals and managers need to identify new ways to forge a sense of connection between employees and foster a deeper sense of workforce community. By breaking away from the traditional point-in-time review cycle and making feedback part of the day-to-day employee experience, Namely Continuous Feedback offers the opportunity to encourage and engage one another. It’s a way to empower employees and inspire collaboration and recognition while building a winning culture.”

Namely recently merged with Venture Employer Services and Prism.

Qualtrics Launches EX25 for Healthcare

Qualtrics has introduced a new methodology that provides hospitals and clinics with key questions to ask their employees so that facilities can understand what is most important to employees and act on what they hear. This framework, EX25 for Healthcare, provides a systematic approach that helps to identify the top dimensions affecting employee experience so that organizations can prioritize focus areas.

By using this framework, organizations can tap into what Qualtrics defines as six key outcomes of EX:

  1. Intent to stay
  2. Engagement
  3. Experience vs. expectation
  4. Inclusion
  5. Well-being
  6. Burnout

The system is able to tease out what influences employees’ experience using in-moment listening and can help determine how those signals can vary between nurses and physicians.

Qualtrics’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Adrienne Boissy, says, “Empathy for patients starts with empathy for physicians, nurses, and all other caregivers. The organizations that act with empathy will maximize retention and attract top talent during this crucial time of fatigue and turnover among healthcare workers. Our EX25 methodology empowers healthcare organizations to understand the key drivers of employee experience across roles and departments, and then act with empathy, speed, and scale.”

According to the company, Qualtrics is a CMS-approved vendor for all required CAHPS programs, is Magnet approved, and the only HITRUST-certified and FEDRAMP-compliant experience management platform currently available on the market.

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Vantage Circle and Partner

Vantage Circle is partnering with in a collaboration that aims to provide hyper-personalized employee experiences at scale. offers an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform used by more than 1,000 enterprises. Vantage Circle is an employee engagement company with a platform that focuses on rewards and recognition, employee feedback, and employee wellness. The company has a user base of over 1.8 million employees.

The combination will support the automation of end-to-end EX workflows, allowing instant and on-demand access to information and self-serve inquiries across channels.

According to Raghu Ravinutala, CEO & Co-Founder of, “As enterprises embrace hybrid workplace models, we are seeing an emerging sharp focus on EX strategies. Enterprises across the globe are swiftly embracing Conversational AI solutions to strengthen their EX strategies. In addition to financial benefits, Conversational AI is also providing less tangible ROIs that contribute immensely when it comes to optimizing HR process proficiencies. We believe our partnership with Vantage Circle is a definite step towards further enabling enterprises in their adoption of Conversational AI solutions to help automate their employee experience.”

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