Customer Wins for Contentsquare, Freshworks, Sprinklr, Algolia, and Medallia

Partners Include Saatva, Yulu Bikes, Nakheel, Mister Auto, and Swanson Health Products

CX customer wins and case studies

Saatva Selects Contentsquare for Customer Analytics

Contentsquare, the provider of an AI-powered platform for contextual insight into customer behaviors, is partnering with luxury sleep company Saatva to help gain greater exposure and boost conversion rates. Over the past 10 months, Contentsquare has helped Saatva accelerate its testing roadmap velocity, with Saatva’s analytics team addressing pain points uncovered in its customer data analysis. The result is increased visibility of specific key elements of the website by more than 30%, accompanied by more than 20% higher engagement to the main Call-To-Action button and an increase in the conversion rate per hover from 5% to 7%.

Saatva is using Contentsquare for A/B tests, merchandising analysis, zone-based heatmapping, and customer journey analysis. In turn, the Contentsquare digital experience analytics platform is now widely used across Saatva’s product, design, and engineering (PDE) division. Contentsquare has also become a foundational analysis tool that Saatva uses for quantitative and qualitative testing.

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In analyzing the customer journey, Contentsquare captures customer interactions—hover, clicks, time spent, scroll rates, bounce rates, and more—with the Saatva Mattress website. The micro and macro metrics from this process have enabled and equipped Saatva with the insights needed to make smarter, data-driven decisions, Saatva executives say.

Meanwhile, the Contentsquare Session Replay tool lets Saatva see how their customers interact within site experiences while allowing Saatva engineering teams to troubleshoot any erroneous site behavior. For example, after learning that components driving the majority of user engagement were placed lower on Saatva’s “Compare” page, the team took this knowledge and reorganized site content to bring the most relevant components to the top of the page and remove friction points. Four weeks later, the analysis revealed users to be more comfortable navigating the page and completing their tasks in less time, leading to improved satisfaction and a higher visit rate for the site’s mattress detail page.

Natalie O’Flaherty, vice president of analytics at Saatva, says the company needed tools to handle growth while simultaneously adapting to the growing digital landscape. “Contentsquare’s unique capabilities truly captured end-to-end consumer journey analysis and easily integrated with our digital technology stack, O’Flaherty said. “And it is faster and easier to use than Google Analytics.”

Niki Hall, chief marketing officer at Contentsquare, says the digital analytics provider is excited to be supporting Saatva. “Getting a great night’s sleep has an incredible impact on our health and happiness,” Hall notes. “Saatva is helping bring the buying experience to the next level by understanding what their customers want, based on how they navigate their in-person stores and website. And experience analytics plays an important role in customer understanding and empowers brands like Saatva to focus on delivering experiences customers seek and enjoy.”

Freshworks Takes a Winning Ride with India’s Yulu Bikes

Business software company Freshworks says that its Freshdesk and Freshchat solutions are deployed at Yulu Bikes, the largest micro-mobility vehicles service in India, to unify and automate customer support across multiple digital channels at Yulu, including mobile apps and chatbots powered by AI.

Yulu hosts India’s largest battery-as-a-service (BaaS) network with 3 million battery swaps to date, enabling the accelerated adoption of electric mobility in the country. The company expanded its business in the shared mobility space during the last five years by introducing battery swap stations. To cope with the resulting increase in the volume of incoming customer queries, Yulu sought a user-friendly experience native to its mobile app and available through the user’s channel of choice—conditions that were satisfied by Freshworks, which put all conversations in one place and enabled the company to track team performance by using custom analytics for metrics.

Chat remains a top area of focus for the customer-facing team at Yulu, with most customers desiring quick resolution on issues. To this end, the bot capabilities of Freshdesk provide real-time resolution of issues at Yulu, and play a significant role in reducing 30% of incoming chat volume. And with the intelligent automation features of both Freshdesk and Freshchat, Yulu has also succeeded in automating repetitive tasks, allowing agents to focus on issues requiring human intervention.

Sprinklr Teams Up with Dubai Property Nakheel

Sprinklr, the unified CXM platform for modern enterprises, is teaming up with Dubai property developer Nakheel to unify its CX and marketing strategy across more than 50 social media accounts.

With more than 50 social media accounts tied to the company’s portfolio of properties across the residential, retail, hospitality, and leisure sectors, Nakheel wanted to unify its customer data, understand customer sentiment across locations, gain competitive insights, and create a personalized and proactive engagement strategy. 

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Today Nakheel is leveraging multiple products across two of Sprinklr’s major customer-facing suites—research on the one hand and social engagement-sales on the other; the latter includes social publishing and engagement, location insights, and competitive benchmarking.

Omar Khoory, chief assets officer at Nakheel, is enthusiastic about the partnership. “We are committed to getting to know our customers and providing a personalized level of customer support,” Khoory notes. “As such, we are excited to unify our marketing and customer support strategy on one Sprinklr platform, and transform our social media activity into actionable insights that can improve customer experiences and accelerate our growth.” 

Algolia Helps Mister Auto Optimize E-Commerce User Experience

Search and discovery platform Algolia recently announced the integration of its modern search technology by Mister Auto, the French-based international e-commerce company that sells auto parts. Algolia’s fast product-indexing capabilities, as well as its AI dynamic synonymssearch, and A/B testing features, helped transform the user experience for Mister Auto’s 3 million monthly unique visitors. Customers are now also able to quickly find the parts they need from Mister Auto’s catalog of 1.5 million products. The various developments have led to a 12% boost in conversion rates.

“Enabling millions of customers to sift through an extensive, highly specific product catalog requires serious search speed, scale, and relevance,” says Coralie Sanchez, website product owner for Mister Auto. “Luckily, having Algolia in place has been critical to tackling this challenge and boosting customer satisfaction.”

Algolia search is a fully hosted search application programming interface (API) that creates fast search and discovery. Together with Algolia’s built-in A/B testing that provides business users with the agility to iterate on search relevance, and Algolia’s dynamic, AI-generated synonym suggestions based on user queries, Mister Auto has successfully reduced the return of “no results” pages by 65% to 80% across its multiple websites.

Mister Auto can now effectively index its more than 1.5 million products and prices in seconds, while also adapting its search experience to match user behavior. The combined Algolia technologies is now used across all 21 parts websites of Mister Auto, along with the company’s 12 white label auto accessories websites, and Mister Auto mobile applications in more than 20 countries.

Medallia is New Platform of Choice for Swanson Health Products

Global CX and employee experience (EX) solutions provider Medallia has been chosen as the experience management platform for Swanson Health Products, the natural health catalog and internet marketing company headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota.

“We are thrilled to work with Swanson Health Products and help them deliver world-class experiences,” says Gabe Benavides, executive vice president of sales, Medallia. “With customers and employees engaging in new ways, leading organizations recognize that experience has become a critical foundation for business success. To stay ahead of changing market conditions and rising expectations, brands must understand their customers and employees across every touchpoint and act quickly to deliver exceptional experiences.”

Swanson Health Products carries more than 26,000 products, selling natural health and wellness products, including health foods, dietary supplements, such as vitamins, minerals, and herbs, as well as natural personal care products direct to consumers through mail-order catalogs and an e-commerce website. Since 2001, the company has voluntarily participated in independent third-party Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audits to maintain high-quality finished products.

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