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Partnerships Will Benefit Vendors and End Customers by Providing Choice and Options
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director with The Futurum Group, covers ServiceNow’s partnership announcements made at Knowledge 2024 and discusses how these agreements dovetail with larger trends in the market, and how customers will benefit.
The Transformative Potential of IBM Test Accelerator for Z in Modernizing Mainframe Environments
Steven Dickens, Vice President and Practice Lead, and Sam Holschuh, Analyst, at The Futurum Group share their insights on the transformative potential of IBM Test Accelerator for Z in modernizing mainframe environments.
A Comprehensive View of LM Cost Optimization, Enhanced Networking Capabilities, and Their Implications for Developers and the Market
The Futurum Group’s Paul Nashawaty and Sam Holschuh share their insights on LogicMonitor's latest innovations, examining the impact of LM Cost Optimization and enhanced networking capabilities on IT operations and the market landscape.
Steven Dickens of The Futurum Group provides an analyst take on Google’s latest strides in AI infrastructure by introducing Trillium, its sixth-generation TPU.
Google’s Latest AI Announcements and Future Tech Projections
Paul Nashawaty, Practice Lead, and Sam Holschuh, Analyst, at The Futurum Group share their insights on the AI revelations just announced at Google I/O 2024.
At the Red Hat Summit, CEO Matt Hicks Took to the Main Stage and Spent Time with Analysts
Camberley Bates, VP of Data Infrastructure at The Futurum Group, analyzes the vision and views of Red Hat CEO Matt Hicks from the Red Hat Summit conference.
An Assessment of Major Private 5G Moves Indicating New Momentum Including Cisco’s Ecosystem Progress, Tesla Onboarding, and Verizon Starts Certifying Nokia DAC
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Olivier Blanchard review new private 5G ecosystem advances including Cisco’s collaboration with Augmentir, Nokia, and Logicalis to boost adoption of the Cisco Mobility Services Platform across enterprises, Tesla building its P5G network at its Berlin gigafactory, and Verizon completing the first phase of certifying Nokia’s DAC for the Verizon Business Private 5G Network portfolio.
New “Timeless” Program and SimpliVity for GreenLake Private Cloud
The Futurum Group’s Camberley Bates covers HPE’s Alletra MP, GreenLake, and other storage announcements.
IBM Announces Additional Details About the Quantum Software Development Kit
Dr. Bob Sutor examines IBM’s recent announcement of new features for the Qiskit 1.0 release of the quantum software development kit. AI for quantum takes center stage, including GenAI in the Qiskit Coding Assistant built on Granite.
D-Wave Had a Consistent Quarter to Start 2024
Compared with Q4 2023, D-Wave had a consistent quarter to start 2024. Its fast-anneal feature is a notable achievement that will benefit existing users, allowing them to run individual computations faster and more of them.
In this episode of DevOps Dialogues, Paul Nashawaty engaged in a discussion with Dr. Bob Sutor exploring the dynamics and impacts of quantum computing on AI, DevOps and application development.
ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2024 Announcements Focused on Delivering AI, Streamlined Workflows, Vertical Solutions, and More Efficiency to Enterprises
Keith Kirkpatrick, Research Director with The Futurum Group, covers several announcements from ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2024 conference, focusing on the incorporation of AI, streamlined workflows, vertical solutions, and driving more efficiency.