The Metaverse and Workplace Communications Series: Technologies Expected to Impact the Future of the Internet

The News: Wainhouse Research has released the second part of its series on the Metaverse and Workplace Communications. Part 2 sets aside the debate about the immersive 3D metaverse and focuses on several of the technologies expected to be central to the way we all experience the internet in the future and how workplace communications vendors can begin engaging with these technologies in the areas of identity. Part 2 of The Metaverse and Workplace Communications can be found here.

Analyst’s Take: But how are technical and product leaders, attempting to be prepared for, or even lean into, what could be a real ground-shaker evolution in life on the internet, supposed to make any progress? To start, we’ll have to separate noise from the signal. The noise of the metaverse is the user experience (AR, VR, Immersive 3d, 2d, one or many, etc.). The signal is many of the new technologies that will enable those experiences that have already started to permeate products and services in active use with the promise of a more secure, transparent, and interoperable internet experience. These innovations center around blockchains and have been coined “Web3” by those who coin such things.

Blockchains, the core component of Web3 technologies, have received a lot of press lately as part of highly controversial cryptocurrency initiatives. But the same technology that tracks ownership and movement of digital currencies can be repurposed to manage identity on the internet. The implications far outweigh cryptocurrency in terms of immediacy and likelihood, particularly in the enterprise communications sector.

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Prior to Wainhouse, now a part of The Futurum Group, Sean was the Chief Product Officer at PGI, owning the product strategy and roadmap for a full suite of B2B and B2B2C SaaS communications products including an enterprise grade phone system, audio meetings, video meetings, messaging, video webinars, high touch attended audio conferences and massively scaled video webcasts.

Sean holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business from University of Colorado, Boulder.


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