Starburst Launches Managed Icehouse Implementation

Starburst Launches Managed Icehouse Implementation

The News: Starburst, the open data lakehouse company, has announced at Data Universe the launch of its fully managed Icehouse implementation on Starburst’s multi-cloud data lakehouse service, Galaxy. Read the full announcement here.

Starburst Launches Managed Icehouse Implementation

Analyst Take: Starburst has announced the launch of its fully managed Icehouse implementation on its Galaxy platform, which is a significant advancement for open data lakehouse architectures. Organizations are increasingly looking for effective data management solutions, and the Trino query engine combined with the Apache Iceberg table format provides improved scalability, cost-effectiveness, and query performance.

The Icehouse concept, recently introduced in Starburst CEO Justin Borgman’s Icehouse Manifesto, has incredible potential. The architecture combines Trino as an open query engine and Iceberg as an open table format to provide a truly open data warehouse on an enterprise data lake. These tools are widely adopted by tech giants such as Apple, Netflix, Shopify, and Stripe because of their ability to manage, govern, and ingest data at scale, particularly in multi-cloud environments. However, many organizations lack the substantial resources and expertise needed to operationalize an icehouse.

Starburst’s managed Icehouse implementation in Galaxy can fill this gap by providing customers with a turnkey solution for leveraging the benefits of the Icehouse architecture without the hassles of implementation and maintenance. Organizations could accelerate time to insight and streamline their data pipelines with Starburst’s automated data ingestion into managed Iceberg tables and support for real-time data processing.

Moreover, Starburst’s focus on security, privacy, and governance highlights its dedication to helping organizations follow regulatory requirements and industry best practices for data management. The Galaxy platform’s integration of access control and data classification abilities improves data governance functions by ensuring that sensitive data is handled legally and securely.

All things considered, Starburst made a calculated decision to launch the Icehouse implementation in Galaxy in response to the changing demands of modern organizations for flexible, scalable, and affordable data analytics solutions. Starburst wants to enable organizations to fully utilize their data assets and spur innovation in their fields by making the implementation of open data lakehouse designs simpler.

Looking Ahead

The development of data lakehouse architectures has been strengthened with Starburst’s release of the fully managed Icehouse implementation on its Galaxy platform. Starburst is well-positioned for ongoing innovation along this trend as organizations continue to adopt open and scalable data management solutions. It provides a comprehensive platform that combines the benefits of Iceberg and Trino with advanced capabilities for data governance, security, and performance optimization.

Looking ahead, we anticipate organizations will continue seeking ways to modernize their data infrastructure to accelerate their data-driven decision-making, which could mean Starburst Galaxy will continue to gain traction should it keep pace with changing market demands. As of now, early adopters of Starburst’s Icehouse, including BestSecret, Kovi, and Yello, have shared their success stories, which are powerful evidence of the real benefits that Starburst’s Icehouse installation offers in terms of reduced costs, enhanced performance, and improved operational efficiency.

Starburst has positioned itself as a reliable partner for organizations aiming to realize the full potential of their data assets. With the ever-increasing data workloads organizations are tasked with managing, unlocking data analytics to create actionable insights will continue to be a driver toward future developments.

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