Spectrum Enterprise Analyst Summit: Spectrum Enterprise Raises Profile and Game

The News: Charter Communications is showcasing the capabilities of its Spectrum network and its ability to serve businesses of all sizes across its 41-state footprint, from small local retail shops to enterprise-scale companies with multi-gigabit data needs. Read the Charter Communications Press Release here.

Spectrum Enterprise Analyst Summit: Spectrum Enterprise Raises Profile and Game

Analyst Take: Spectrum Enterprise conducted its inaugural Analyst Summit March 8-10 in New York City. Through the event, Spectrum Enterprise refreshed and updated its “Be Unreasonable” sales and marketing campaign established to sharpen its brand and identity, directly linked to parent company Charter Communications’ new national TV campaign called “Designed for Business; Built for You.”

The Charter campaign represents a collaboration between Charter’s primary customer brands Spectrum Enterprise, which delivers scalable fiber technology solutions for large companies and government entities, including over 80% of Fortune 500 companies and Spectrum Business, which provides Internet, mobile, video and voice services to small and medium-sized businesses. The campaign includes broadcast TV, digital and social media commercials and highlights the ways Spectrum can offer network and connectivity solutions that target the specific needs of different types of businesses and their decision makers.

Spectrum Enterprise’s own “Be Unreasonable” campaign reinforces the new Charter initiative. It is designed to encourage its workforce and customers to be bold to the point of being “unreasonable”. Spectrum Enterprise seeks to distinguish itself by inviting customers to ask for solutions that fit their business and achieve results on their terms. Through emphasis on partnerships (e.g., Cisco Meraki, Cisco Webex, Ring Central, Fortinet, etc.) and a consultative approach, I see Spectrum Enterprise attaining tangible results including making strides in becoming the pole setter in delivering nationwide services for enterprises by fulfilling their topmost networking needs.

For example, Spectrum Enterprise is demonstrating awareness and credibility breakthroughs in areas such as registering a 181% increase in brand reach with ~1.7 billion media impressions and a 58% increase in audience engagement now in the 875K range. Industry-wide Spectrum Enterprise is touting a 16% boost in awareness of its solutions across its WAN, UCVoice, and managed services offerings.

As such, I find Spectrum Enterprise making inroads at improving the customer journey with cohesive messaging of its brand, particularly in purpose developing its UHSD, WAN, Unified Communications, base growth management, and proactive build programs targeted specifically at its four key market segments of strategic market, vertical market, mid-market, and carrier. This reinforces Spectrum Enterprise’s underpinning value proposition of attaining client success by providing the best experience through its enterprise-dedicated network, portfolio of tailored solutions, and workforce expertise.

Integral to Spectrum Enterprise’s marketing campaign is demonstrating that main rivals, AT&T Business, Comcast Business, Verizon Business, Lumen, and Windstream Enterprise are putting more portfolio development and marketing focus on technology innovation and less so on partnership and client experience. Spectrum Enterprise identifies clients as being more committed to achieving their business goals rather than products or innovation which opens a significant window of opportunity to fill the industry gap with a partnership-oriented and experience-first approach. Thus, while other providers may view enterprise expectations as unreasonably high, Spectrum Enterprise is prepared to uphold its “Be Unreasonable” mantra and engage in deep collaboration by going the extra mile in designing solutions that meet the specific requirements of clients.

From my view, Spectrum Enterprise augments its marketing claims through Charter Communications delivering impressive growth and financial performance across key metrics such as growing customer relationships 18.5% between 2017-2022, revenue 29.9% between 2017-2022, and adjusted EBITDA 41.3% between 2017-2022. I believe this positions Spectrum Enterprise to play a more pivotal trusted advisor and partner role at ensuring their clients meet their overall business objectives in strategic areas such as ESG (i.e., supporting distributed workforces reduces on-road energy consumption, fiber advances improve network-wide energy efficiencies) and top-priority security (i.e., DDoS prevention).

Overall, I believe Spectrum Enterprise and its leadership team is delivering the network platform development, partnership development focus, and marketing strategy key to broadening its nationwide presence across new markets, further raise brand awareness, building a distinctive client experience, enhancing distribution channels, and rendering the network an invaluable asset throughout the digital ecosystem.

Disclosure: Futurum Research is a research and advisory firm that engages or has engaged in research, analysis, and advisory services with many technology companies, including those mentioned in this article. The author does not hold any equity positions with any company mentioned in this article.

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