Pure Storage Delivers Modern Data Storage to Global Law Firm

The News: Pure Storage has brought its advanced data storage technology and services to Dentons, the world’s largest global law firm, to replace a hodge-podge of inefficient, multi-vendor storage hardware with new state-of-the-art storage systems. By moving to Pure Storage’s modern architecture, Dentons dramatically boosted its data security, data services, and its sustainable business practices for its clients around the world. Read the full Press Release on the Dentons storage makeover on the Pure Storage web site.

Pure Storage Delivers Modern Data Storage to Global Law Firm

Analyst Take: Pure Storage providing new data storage systems and services to the large, global Dentons law firm is a big win for Pure Storage as it continues in its mission of improving data storage for its customers one by one.

For any business, especially a global high-impact law firm that represents a wide range of clients with expectations of privacy and security in their business dealings, having a top-notch data storage infrastructure is mandatory. It must be fail-safe and trusted, and it must be built on the highest standards, the best technologies and the most reliable foundations.

There are no excuses when it comes to the must-have delivery of reliable and secure data storage, both long-term, short-term, and everywhere in between. We absolutely agree with Dentons’ mission in dramatically replacing their outmoded old data storage systems which were causing concerns for the company.

In this Dentons deal, Pure Storage provided its products from across its portfolio, including its FlashArray storage systems, its Evergreen//One consumption-based storage services subscription, and its Pure1 full-stack, AI-powered data-storage management and monitoring software.

At Dentons, the law firm’s operations in its UK, Ireland, and Middle East region (Dentons UKIME) for years had been running multiple storage systems assembled from a variety of vendors in its data centers. The big problem was that it ended up becoming a complex arrangement that was difficult to manage, and worse – it was always running close to its capacity. The law firm determined that the old storage infrastructure was placing critical systems and business practices at risk, while also impeding long-term storage scalability as the company continued to grow. The decision was made to take a new approach.

Pure Storage Matches with Dentons’ Needs

For Dentons, a reliable, scalable, and flexible data storage system was needed to help the law firm cope more securely and quickly with the massive number of documents, reports, and communications generated daily by some 21,000 lawyers and support staff in more than 200 locations in some 80 countries. Dentons global practice serves law clients from individuals to global enterprises, national governments and more, making its data storage systems critical for its operations.

By replacing its outdated, hodge-podge storage architecture with products and services from Pure Storage, Dentons gained a wide range of major benefits. Dentons moved most of its data storage to a new Pure Storage FlashArray, which provides storage capacity and services through Pure Storage’s Evergreen//One subscription model, according to the companies. This gives users in the Dentons UKIME region the ability to standardize on a single, flexible, and extendable on-premises storage system that also provides cloud-like provisioning for flexibility and storage efficiency.

Dentons also gained non-disruptive future upgrades by bringing in the new Pure Storage systems, which forgo the need to replace the law firm’s own hardware every three to five years. In addition, the Pure Storage FlashArray hardware uses less than 50 percent of the power required by systems from competitors, helping Dentons to increase its sustainability efforts.

Pure Storage Dentons’ Deal Overview

Pure Storage was able to match up well with the storage, data security, and operational improvement needs of the Dentons law firm, giving Dentons a much more powerful, secure, flexible, and efficient system to use for its clients, lawyers and other employees.

As a creative and forward-thinking technology vendor, Pure Storage generated the right answers to solve the toughest data storage problems of one of its customers.

For Dentons, this is a problem well-solved, and for Pure Storage, this is another great story of a satisfied customer.

We love to see these kinds of real-world success stories that match modern technologies together with business users who need help improving their processes. We believe this is what tech companies are all about – providing new answers to vexing technology and business problems.

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