NVIDIA & Azure Supercomputer

The Six Five team discusses NVIDIA & Azure Supercomputer.

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Patrick Moorhead: NVIDIA and Azure Supercomputer in the cloud.

Daniel Newman: Well, this was super compute week and we talked a lot about NVIDIA and earnings, but it never hurts in this particular area, the area, Satya Nadella to announce a partnership. We watched multiples of these at Snapdragon Summit this week. The company is basically looking as Microsoft is set to be the first public cloud that’s going to take the entire NVIDIA stack of a GPU network and AI software to offer a super computing instance. To me, Pat, it’s pretty early days. I’m just kind of reading about this because we weren’t there, I wasn’t on this announcement, but it seems to me that this is A, it’s a big win for NVIDIA to be on Azure’s platform and to get the full buy-in across the stack. And to me for Microsoft, this is tapping into a powerful combination and doing a little bit like what we’ve seen with Quantum.

These kinds of workloads are going to be migrated into the public cloud to make them democratized and make them more accessible to people. And there’s not a name that if you look at the ML perf results and some of the data that’s come out, NVIDIA’s clearly been leading for quite some time and I think Microsoft’s looking for ways to diversify, bring more data and workloads into the Azure ecosystem. And this is an interesting partnership. And since we only have a couple minutes, I’m not going to say too much more because I haven’t had a chance to fully dive into it Pat, but I think that this is a timely partnership. It’s a great way for Azure to go out and sell more to this high performance computing ecosystem and scale up that particular business. And it’s good for NVIDIA to continue to lean into this market, which is going to be much more robust right now in this current ecosystem than some of the more consumer led parts of its business. So early days, don’t have a ton yet to add on this one. Going to spend some time, but I think this is going to be the way we’re going to see a lot of these kinds of high performance workloads adopted in the future is going to be through instances launched on public cloud.

Patrick Moorhead: Yeah. And if you want to see more about Supercomputing 22, we shot some Six Five videos with Dell and also check out some stuff from HPE as well. Daniel, there are companies like Grok and even Habana and we’ll see with Trainium coming up here at AWS Reinvent that I do believe have a potential here. And I think the market does need more competition, particularly on the training side. Really it has become a competition between software ecosystems. Now year after year I’m seeing the cloud guys either try to disintegrate or find a intermediation layer between it and NVIDIA or find ways to leverage CUDA using other people’s hardware like AMDs, but is a fascinating spot and it is completely amazing how long NVIDIA has been in the top spot.

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