While it feels like we’ve hit peak hybrid cloud, in reality it’s only just begun.

The hybrid cloud and hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) markets have become an important discussion as more and more companies are looking at cloud as an operating model. This also means more new products set to hit the market to support the growth in Hybrid Cloud and HCI adoption, which will raise a series of questions for enterprises as to which solutions and tools it will adopt, consume and use to deploy workloads, both on-prem and utilizing public cloud infrastructure.

As digital transformation, customer experience, and business outcomes take center stage, we are seeing the infrastructure itself become an enabler, but where the infrastructure is placed has been more fluid. With hyperscalers like AWS moving workloads on-prem, and IT vendors like Cisco, Dell/VMware, and HPE (who traditionally built solutions for on-prem), ramping up offerings for the cloud, we have most certainly reached a tipping point. The phase we are now entering is the phase where infrastructure moves to the background and the market shifts to the need for compute that is charged on an ‘as used,’ or consumption model.

As we enter this second chapter of cloud adoption, clients are looking for infrastructure providers to look like hyperscale cloud providers. Clients still value on-premise cloud for security, latency, and/or regulatory reasons, but they need their infrastructure to be seamless, easy to provision, and for it to appear ‘serverless’. The growing demand for this type of service has led to an industry partnership that’s worth noting — a newly-announced partnership between HPE and Nutanix.

Nutanix and HPE come together to deliver new hybrid IT solution

At the Nutanix .NEXT conference held this week in Copenhagen, Nutanix deepened its partnership with HPE by announcing the general availability of an integrated private cloud “as-a-Service” offering. This announcement builds on the previous statements both companies made back in April, focused on hybrid cloud.

This solution, which will be offered in HPE’s GreenLake consumption services business model combining GreenLake’s hybrid cloud offering with Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud OS software to deliver a fully managed private cloud platform. This solution promises to help customers dramatically lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) while reducing time to value.