Commvault Acquires Appranix to Bolster Cyber-Resiliency

Commvault Acquires Appranix to Bolster Cyber-Resiliency

The News: Commvault has acquired cloud application resilience provider Appranix to facilitate rapid rebuilds of cloud applications following an outage of cyberattack. Additional details are available in Commvault’s press release.

Commvault Acquires Appranix to Bolster Cyber-Resiliency

Analyst Take: Appranix complements Commvault’s competencies in data resiliency and recovery with the ability to rebuild the entire application stack. Specifically, Appranix supports applications hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as Kubernetes applications. This support is important because rebuilding or recovering business-critical applications is a complex process incorporating a large number of dependencies going far beyond strictly the data itself. These dependencies vary based on the underlying infrastructure on which the application was built. They grow increasingly complex in the cloud and in microservices-based containerized architectures, which only continue growing in use for critical applications and business services. For example, microservices architectures introduce additional external dependencies, including on APIs to communicate with each other, and they may still require shared resources such as a common database. Additionally, cloud hosting abstracts platforms, which can introduce complexities in recovery such as limited visibility into the underlying infrastructure itself and components that are distributed across geographical regions and different services.

Appranix addresses this challenge by automating the various tasks required for full-application stack recovery. This includes automatically backing up the entire cloud application environment, including configurations in addition to the data itself, to an environment that is isolated from the production environment (reducing the possibility that they can be infected with ransomware existing on the production side). Cloud accounts are identified and connected and configurations and dependencies are automatically discovered and mapped.

When needed, the various application recovery operations, including rebuilding the environment and deploying applications, are also automated according to the various dependencies. Recoveries can occur to a different cloud region, which is particularly helpful in the event that the production environment still needs to be analyzed for malware. In addition to streamlining operations to reduce downtime, the Appranix solution removes potential human error from the equation. Automated recovery testing is also notable, given the pressure on IT teams by the business and regulatory compliance to prove recoverability.

Also along the vein of complementing Commvault’s data recovery capabilities, The Futurum Group notes potential synergies between Appranix’s cleanroom functionality and Commvault’s Metallic Recovery Reserve, which Commvault positions as its solution for operational air-gapping of data copies.

I believe that the addition of Appranix’s full-application recovery capabilities will enhance Commvault’s ability to compete against the likes of disaster recovery provider Zerto and Kasten, the Kubernetes data protection vendor that was acquired by Veeam in 2020. The move is in line with Commvault’s corporate, strategic shift to embrace cyber-resiliency—that is, the ability to withstand a cyberattack with not only data backup and recovery but also capabilities such as threat detection and the ability to get critical business services back up and running as quickly as possible.

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