Adobe Announces Generative AI innovations Across Adobe Experience Cloud at Adobe Summit

The News: This week at Adobe Summit, Adobe unveiled new generative AI-powered services that will be integrated in the new release of Adobe’s content and digital asset management system, Adobe Experience Cloud. The new services include Adobe Sensei Generative AI, a set of enterprise-focused, AI-powered services across its suite of productivity apps, along with the launch of Firefly, a new family of creative generative AI models, focused on generating images and text effects. Read more from Adobe.

Adobe Announces Generative AI innovations Across Adobe Experience Cloud at Adobe Summit

Analyst Take: At Adobe Summit held in Vegas this week, Adobe announced new generative AI innovations across the Adobe Experience Cloud, designed to enable customers to work and collaborate in new ways. Artificial intelligence is not new to Adobe. For over a decade, Adobe has focused on advancing artificial intelligence, integrating hundreds of AI-powered functionalities into its applications through Adobe Sensei. These include Photoshop’s Neural Filters, After Effects’ Content Aware Fill, Adobe Experience Platform’s Attribution AI, and Acrobat’s Liquid Mode. As is becoming increasingly common across the tech landscape, Adobe envisions generative AI as a foundational, transformative driver of both better customer experiences and overall business growth.

Adobe Sensei GenAI

This week at Adobe Summit, Adobe announced the launch of Adobe Sensei GenAI, a suite of AI services designed to enhance Adobe Experience Cloud’s capabilities for businesses, which uses multiple large language models (LLMs) to enable businesses to generate content safe for commercial use. According to Adobe, Adobe Sensei GenAI is integrated in the Adobe Experience Cloud which brings customer data and content together across an organization under one common language.

Adobe Sensei GenAI services have been integrated into Adobe’s Experience Manager, Journey Optimizer, Customer Journey Analytics, Marketo Engage, and Real-Time Customer Data Platform. The services can be used to personalize content, generate marketing copy, and create conversational experiences. I started my career years ago in the agency world and know that this is news that will excite Adobe’s agency customers, and no doubt delight marketers and content creators alike. Adobe Sensei GenAI will leverage AI to speed up content development and publishing across any customer touchpoint. In addition, Adobe Sensei GenAI will also deliver AI-powered data insights to help brands easily optimize new content for target audiences.

Aensei GenAI services include:

  • Marketing Copy Generation
  • Conversational Experiences
  • Audience and Journey Creation
  • Caption Generation

Adobe Firefly

Adobe also announced the release of Adobe Firefly, a new set of creative AI models, currently in beta which will be integrated into Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud, and Adobe Express, and will be part of a series of new Adobe Sensei GenAI services across Adobe’s clouds. Initially, the Adobe Firefly model, trained on Adobe Stock images, openly licensed content and public domain content where the copyright has expired, will focus on images and text effects and is designed to generate content safe for commercial use. I see this as more great news for marketers who will be able to quickly and easily produce content and make changes as needed across a family of brand assets. Equally exciting, in the future, marketers will be able to also train Adobe Firefly on the brand’s own collateral, generating content that reflects the brand’s style and design language.

Adobe also unveiled new generative AI innovations across the Adobe Experience Cloud and announced Adobe Product Analytics and a reimagined content management solution for marketing professionals at the Adobe Summit.

Wrapping up, while artificial intelligence is not new to Adobe, which has been focused on integrating hundreds of AI-powered functionalities into its applications through Adobe Sensei, developing generative AI technology into Adobe products is new. The launch of Adobe Sensei GenAI and Adobe Firefly, Adobe’s new generative AI, is very exciting and welcome news to marketers and businesses enabling them to quickly and easily develop content on brand.

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