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Microsoft has launched its new chromium based Edge browser. This research note looks at the pros of the browser and its likelihood of gaining adoption.
AWS released AutoGluon, an open source toolkit for automated machine learning, designed specifically for software developers, promising the ability to simplify deep learning for non-experts. If AWS were to release AutoGluon as a commercial solution within its flagship data science DevOps solution, it would be the first of the leading vendors to do so. Here’s what we think is essential moving forward if that’s where this is going.
Google has acquired small low/code no/code platform AppSheet to expand its platform and appeal to developers looking to build simple apps for cloud tools.
Cloudera has appointed former Hortonworks CEO and current board member Rob Bearden to the role of CEO. What does this appointment mean for Cloudera?
In 2019 Microsoft was awarded the massive DoD contract "JEDI," winning over Amazon Web Services (AWS). What does this mean for both companies?
At CES 2020 Samsung rolled out its new Galaxy Chromebook. Traditionally big for education and light consumer use, does this have commercial potential?
Dell Technologies 5G story is growing as the company is building everything from the software defined networks to the virtualization of network functions.
As competition in the hybrid cloud space continues to heat up, Dell Technologies continues to expand its offerings to address shifting IT architectures while leveraging its broad portfolio of companies – including its deep connection to VMware.
While its new offerings are compelling, it may be equally as relevant that Microsoft is clearly creating a culture that embraces partnership and open development, and one that even extends to competitors.
Marketers gather and use most of the data pulled by businesses today, however, it’s essential that they begin to take a leading role in crafting a privacy policy—whether they like it or not.
Here is what you should watch for in the Microsoft vs. Amazon cloud battle after the recent Microsoft JEDI contract win.