Author: Steven Dickens

Futurum’s Steven Dickens provides analysis on the recent news coming out of NCR, NYDIG and Fiserv around Bitcoin infrastructure, with old school financial services giants helping to fuel Bitcoin adoption. As Bitcoin moves beyond a speculative asset to a medium of exchange these infrastructure developments will become increasingly important.
Futurum Research senior analyst, Steven Dickens provides his analysis of the recent Red Hat OpenShift 4.8 announcement and what it means for the competitive landscape for Kubernetes management and more widely the hybrid cloud landscape.
Futurum Senior Analyst Steven Dickens provides his take on the recent announcement by Canonical to support RISC-V with the Ubuntu operating system. Canonical has for years now taken the most holistic approach to porting Ubuntu to multiple platforms. While open source leaders such as Red Hat and SUSE focus on x86 based architectures, Canonical has taken a different path and arguably the most open.
Futurum Senior Analyst Steven Dickens provides his take on the emerging trend around VC investment in blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure. Not only are these investments significant in size, they are directionally significant as the provide insight into where the blockchain and cryptocurrency space are in the evolutionary maturity.
Futurum Senior Analyst Steven Dickens provides his take on news coming out of HPE’s Discover event around the latest zero-trust solution, Project Aurora. As the cybersecurity landscape evolves, new approaches are required to combat the emerging threats. HPE’s zero-trust approach is designed to deliver robust attestation and verification derived through a root-of-trust model at the silicon layer.
Futurum’s Steven Dickens provides his take on IBM’s continued support of the Wimbledon tennis championships. IBM is delivering AI-driven enriched fan experiences delivered through IBM Watson and hybrid cloud services to engage new and existing tennis fans globally.
HPE announces new vertically optimized GreenLake cloud services at HPE Discover. Futurum analyst Steven Dickens breaks down the three highlighted areas from the HPE announcement, along with thoughts on the growing importance of hybrid solutions in highly regulated verticals such as healthcare and banking, as well as the emergence and co-located solutions as prevalent approaches in the industry.