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Gainsight and Productboard Integrate for Product-Customer Success Feedback Loop

Gainsight and Productboard announced a bi-directional integration between Gainsight CS and Productboard that allows Customer Success teams to send customer product feedback from Gainsight directly into Productboard.

Customer product requests can now be tracked throughout the entire lifecycle, and Customer Success Managers (CSMs) can collect and share the voice of the customer with Product teams, all in one place. Views into customer needs enable better prioritization and roadmap planning for product managers, and CSMs can also be better informed on the progress of features requested by customers. This results in improved collaboration, faster feedback loops, and smoother workflow.

“There’s often misalignment between Customer Success and Product teams. The two functions tend to be siloed, separated by conflicting priorities and miscommunication,” says Dave Killeen, Vice President of Product at Productboard. “With this new integration, we’re bridging that gap between Customer Success and Product and giving them the tools they need to work in lockstep to deliver the features and enhancements that promote customer retention and adoption.” 

“In today’s economy, efficient growth is the North Star for all businesses. Customer Success and Product teams must work together to improve Net Revenue Retention and product adoption to drive long-term, durable growth,” says Karl Rumelhart, President of Product, Technology, and Global Operations at Gainsight. “This partnership will enable the two teams to collaborate more easily and deliver real business outcomes.”

Lexalytics Expands and Enhances Natural Language Processing Capabilities

Lexalytics, an InMoment company has improved accuracy and expanded natural language processing (NLP) capabilities for 11 non-English languages it supports. Lexalytics can process text data in a native language, allowing it to take into account specific nuances and complexities of that language. This results in a better understanding of meaning and context for more accurate results.

“We work with global companies whose customers – both current and prospective – are interacting with them in dozens of languages beyond the ones commonly supported in the data analytics landscape,” says Jeff Catlin, Head of Lexalytics. “We’ve always been at the forefront of providing the most depth and breadth among enterprise NLP providers, and we’re fully committed to expanding our pioneering work to offer accurate and full-featured text analytics across the most languages for our customers.” 

Lexalytics has expanded feature coverage to include entities, themes, summarization, sentiment (at both the document and item level), categorization, and part-of-speech tagging for the following 11 languages: Arabic, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese. Lexalytics continues to offer full-featured support for an additional 20 languages, including Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay (Bahasa Melayu), Mandarin (traditional), Mandarin (simplified), Portuguese, Romanian, Singlish (Singapore colloquial English), Slovakian, Slovenian, and Spanish.  These language capabilities are available for customers of Lexalytics’ Salience, Semantria API, and Spotlight application, as well as InMoment’s XI Platform.

ReviewTrackers Expands Tool Suite for International Markets

ReviewTrackers, an InMoment company, has expanded its Local Listings management and additional review collection to Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Local Listings is a comprehensive solution for enterprises that want to improve online brand visibility for “near me” searches and improve rankings over competition. Teams can manage the full customer journey from acquisition to retention, improve local SEO, and gain efficiencies from a single point in the platform. Additional review collection provides a comprehensive view of the business landscape, simplifying review collection, response, and monitoring from sites that are crucial to customers’ journeys, such as Feefo, wotif, The Fork, Seek, and others.

SANDSIV Joins i-CEM Network

SANDSIV has announced a strategic partnership with i-CEM, the Institute for Customer Experience Management. The i-CEM is a professional organization that combines technologies and expertise to guide German companies through the CX transformation. This partnership will reinforce SANDSIV’s market position in Germany, a country it has been present in for over a decade.

SANDSIV offers an enterprise, end-to-end integrated Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform that can bring together unstructured and structured customer data sources into one customer intelligence repository.

“I am very excited to be working with SANDSIV to add value to our partners in the DACH region. I am confident that our network will make the most of this partnership and I am proud to have on board an international player like SANDSIV, who is a pioneer in the CX space and offers a unique software solution,” says Rainer Kolm, owner of the Institute for Customer Experience Management.

“We’re thrilled to start a collaboration with i-CEM, such a heavy hitter and innovator in the DACH region where SANDSIV was born and has been growing for years in order to bring its international experience and serve the specific needs of this region. The cooperation between the two customer-oriented companies will bring the VoC technology of SANDSIV to Germany to create added value for I-CEM partner companies,” says Frank R. Warnsing, Head of Sales, Strategic Alliances & Co-Founder at SANDSIV.

SAP Considers Divesting Stake in Qualtrics

SAP announced that it will be exploring the sale of its stake in Qualtrics. As part of the company’s Q4 and FY 2022 results announcement, SAP said it will conduct a targeted restructuring program in certain areas of the company which would better align its operating models and go to market strategy with its accelerated cloud transformation. According to SAP’s quarterly statement, this potential Qualtrics sale,

“…would be a continuation of the strategy we set at the time of the Qualtrics IPO in 2021. SAP believes that this potential transaction could unlock significant value for both companies and their shareholders: for SAP, to focus more on its core cloud growth and profitability; for Qualtrics, to extend its leadership in the XM category that it pioneered. Since the acquisition, Qualtrics has increased revenue by 3.5x to ~ $1.5 billion while delivering profitability, and has significantly expanded its offerings and enterprise customer adoption. In the event of a successful transaction, SAP intends to remain a go-to-market and technology partner, servicing its joint customers and contributing to its growth and category leadership.”

Qualtrics announced plans to cut approximately 270 jobs earlier this month.

SkyTeam Upgrades SkyPriority Panel Audit App

Global airline alliance SkyTeam has made improvements to its SkyPriority Panel Audit App for Elite Plus, First Class, and Business Class customers. Travelers are now able to complete quick surveys rating their experiences in 750 airport lounges, including SkyTeam-branded lounges in Dubai, Istanbul, Santiago de Chile, Sydney, and Vancouver, as well as review SkyPriority touchpoints at more than 970 airports.

“Customer insight is key. That’s why we have upgraded our innovative app to put more tools at customers’ fingertips, so they can tell SkyTeam what they think of each touchpoint on their airport journey,” says Christian Oberlé, SkyTeam’s Chief Experience Officer. “This combination of feedback and technology means we can work closely with our members to deliver a reshaped travel experience that exceeds customer expectations.”  

The app lets users give feedback as they journey through the airport, answering yes/no questions, adding more in-depth reviews and photos, if desired. This can be done at touchpoints such as dropping a bag or waiting to board and the feedback is sent to the appropriate member airlines and lounge teams. The app is available in many languages, including Arabic, Czech, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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