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Customer Wins for Amperity, Medallia, ASAPP, RetailNext, and NICE

Partnership Initiatives Benefit MillerKnoll, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Khalsa Credit Union, Peltz Shoes, and LanguageLoop

CX customer wins and case studies

Amperity Helps Design Collective MillerKnoll Deliver Consistent, Personalized CX

Amperity, the Seattle-based enterprise customer data platform (CDP) provider for consumer brands, is the choice of design house MillerKnoll to deliver personalized CX and maximize the value of its omnichannel data. With Amperity, MillerKnoll will leverage its customer data and aim to reach more consumers, while also enriching advertising campaigns through insights on cross-channel behavior, data science scores, and content affinities.

MillerKnoll, headquartered in Zeeland, Michigan, is a collective of dynamic design brands, including storied imprints such as Herman Miller, Knoll, Design Within Reach, HAY, Holly Hunt, Maharam, and Muuto. With a rich source of customer data across its many marquee labels and both digital and offline channels, MillerKnoll needed a comprehensive solution to bring together and manage its disparate data sources. Through an Amperity-powered 360-degree unified view, MillerKnoll can now understand and activate data across all touchpoints, helping deliver consistent and relevant CX.

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Amperity’s AI-powered technology will also enable MillerKnoll to leverage enterprise-scale identity resolution and audience segmentation to drive retargeting, lookalike, and suppression campaigns.

Medallia Assists in Lifting Customer Support Scores of Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Medallia is being successfully leveraged by Holiday Inn Club Vacations (HICV), resulting in improved customer support scores for the Orlando, Florida-based vacation ownership company.

Focused on creating exceptional CX, HICV uses “Guest Love” scores to understand how it can make customers happier. The company collaborates with Medallia on a regular basis on the design and testing of surveys in its data-gathering process, and then uses Medallia’s AI-powered text analytics to evaluate CX data, pinpoint key issues, and understand real-time guest sentiment across customer journeys. The findings, in combination with internal root-cause analysis, enable HICV to design and implement new processes, policies, and training. In the case of HICV, the process helped contribute to gains in its customer support scores.

Medallia’s Agent Connect has helped HICV identify what behaviors separate top-performing agents and what customer behavior styles agents need to be skilled in handling. The team has incorporated these learnings into training modules that focus on soft skills, new hires, and onboarding. Agent Connect also provides coaching and training for agents in the contact center, facilitating learning and improvement.

“The insights we receive from Medallia have given us a much better understanding of what matters most to our owners, members, and guests,” says Nicole Myers, HICV vice president of CX. “We are able to take action on this information immediately, and that is what enables us to give our guests exactly what they want.”

Canadian Firms ASAPP and Khalsa Credit Union Team Up

Toronto, Canada-based ASAPP is bringing its Omnichannel Experience Platform (OXP) to the Sikh community in British Columbia, home to Khalsa Credit Union.

Earlier this month, the two companies signed a services agreement in which the credit union will license both the ASAPP Origination and Engagement feature sets for five years. The Origination set will enable Khalsa members to access account and lending product openings anytime, anywhere from any device, while also creating efficiencies for front-line staff members. The Engagement set, meanwhile, will allow Khalsa to deepen and grow member relationships.

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ASAPP is an omnichannel account origination and loan auto-decisioning solution for retail and small business banking, delivering personal and business online account origination technology. Its custom experience software and platform strategy solutions create sustainable competitive advantages for regulated financial service providers as they compete against direct-to-consumer fintech solutions.

Khalsa Credit Union is a member-owned financial institution serving the Sikh community across southern British Columbia, Canada. With six branches, more than 20,000 members, and in excess of $650 million in assets, it is the world’s largest Sikh member-owned financial establishment.

RetailNext and Peltz Shoes Work the Shop Floor

RetailNext, the leading provider of retail analytics for brick-and-mortar establishments, has been chosen by Peltz Shoes to optimize resource management, deliver personalized CX, and boost sales for the Florida-based footwear brand. Peltz Shoes is using RetailNext’s traffic solution to capture and analyze comprehensive real-time data on shopper activity across its stores, enabling managers and associates to elevate performance and drive better results at all levels. 

Founded in 1957, Peltz Shoes is known for carrying a wide range of shoes in hard-to-find sizes, and for combining noteworthy customer service with excellent value. In the past decade, the company has modernized its operations with an expanded warehouse and new e-commerce capabilities while continuing to prioritize its retail locations, where associates help customers find what they need. 

Associates, however, are also getting help these days on the floor with RetailNext’s Traffic 2.0 solution, which uses AI analysis, deep learning, and the company’s proprietary Aurora sensor to monitor customer activity on the floor, in the process generating second-by-second foot-traffic data across Peltz’s entire retail network. Managers and associates can then use a dashboard to access key metrics, including the visit duration of customers, unique traffic, and visit frequency to help troubleshoot security issues, manage resources on the fly, and provide shoppers with personalized experiences.

RetailNext’s real-time data also enables store managers to use smart scheduling tools to optimize CX and boost sales. For instance, daily data on the so-called “power hours” of store traffic enable managers to make the most of payroll-to-sales and labor-per-shopper ratios, as well as to fine-tune staffing levels, depending on store-specific footfall data. This means staff can be added during busy periods, or hours can be extended on particular evenings, resulting in more predictable workflow for employees and less waiting in line for customers.

NICE Implements CXone for Australia’s LanguageLoop

NICE announced recently that its CXone cloud native platform has been implemented by LanguageLoop, Australia’s full-service language provider, to futureproof CX operations and deliver an enhanced user experience (UX).

Delivering translation and interpreting services to customers across finance, government, and other industries, LanguageLoop also operates a contact center that fields more than 500,000 customer interactions annually and connects customers with almost 3,000 contracted interpreters. Melbourne-based LanguageLoop, however, was experiencing significant limitations in handling call volume and needed to move to a flexible cloud-based solution with comprehensive interactive voice response (IVR) services. For this purpose, it engaged NICE to transform and unify its operations with CXone.

NICE CXone enabled LanguageLoop to seamlessly automate inbound interactions and quickly connect customers with available interpreters, providing an efficient solution for customers requiring essential communication services where English is not their first language. With CXone, customers could call in and use their LanguageLoop identification number to connect with translation and interpretation services in more than 190 languages. CXone also seamlessly integrates with the LanguageLoop booking system and supports its dedicated contact center staff.

The CXone interface also allows LanguageLoop to make direct and rapid changes to its solution without needing additional technical support. The LanguageLoop team can then make changes, test, and deploy within short timeframes to ensure seamless experiences for customers. CXone also provides essential monitoring and reporting services for LanguageLoop contact center agents, which help to ensure greater quality control over its interpreting and translating services.

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