Customer Wins for Amperity, Medallia, 3CLogic, mParticle, and SugarCRM

Deals Benefit alice + olivia, DFS Furniture, InEight, Dilling, and Kelly-Moore Paints

CX customer wins and case studies

Amperity to Boost Personalized Shopping Experiences for alice + olivia

Amperity, the Seattle-based provider of an enterprise customer data platform (CDP) for consumer brands such as Alaska Airlines and Kroger, has been selected by alice + olivia, a women’s clothing and lifestyle brand headquartered in New York City, to deliver a unified view of the fashion retailer’s customers, and provide shoppers with personalized communications.

Amperity will help alice + olivia keep data at the center of its business strategy and prioritize analytics and measurement across the entire customer journey. With Amperity, New York City-based alice + olivia will be able to increase the number of return customers, up the purchase frequency from loyal customers, and boost e-commerce average order value (AOV).  For its part, alice + olivia is deploying Amperity to provide in-store associates with a unified 360-degree view of its global customer base. Amperity will enable the brand’s marketing and analytics teams to activate data across touchpoints—from pre-purchase to point-of-sale to post-purchase customer care—to furnish a consistent and relevant shopper experience.

“Amperity’s technology makes it possible for us to create unified customer profiles and actionable insights at scale, allowing us to extend that brand experience shoppers have come to know and love across our entire digital ecosystem,” says Mark Koda, chief financial officer (CFO) at alice + olivia. Operating more than 30 boutique stores and featured at 800 stores around the world, alice + olivia offers ready-to-wear, gowns, shoes, and accessories. Prominent customers include Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Amal Clooney.

Medallia to Deploy Its Experience Management Platform for DFS Furniture

Medallia, the CX and employee experience (EX) provider based in San Francisco, made the announcement that it has been selected as the experience management platform of choice for DFS Furniture, a furniture retailer that is listed in the London Stock Exchange and is present the UK, Ireland, Spain, and the Netherlands, specializing in sofas and soft furnishings.

Few details of the arrangement have been made available, but Eduardo Crespo, senior vice president and general manager of the UK, Ireland, and the Middle East at Medallia, says the company is thrilled to be working with DFS Furniture to help deliver world-class CX.

“Medallia’s best-in-class platform helps organizations capture key signals throughout the customer journey and influence experiences as they happen,” Crespo notes. “Understanding customers and employees in real time is essential to delivering exceptional experiences that drive meaningful business results.”

Medallia is a pioneer and major provider in the field of customer, employee, citizen, and patient experience. Its Medallia Experience Cloud platform captures billions of experience signals across voice, video, digital, IoT, social media, and corporate-messaging interactions and tools. The company uses proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology to reveal predictive insights that drive business actions and outcomes.

3CLogic to Leverage Voice Solution for InEight

3CLogic, the provider of a voice-enabling and cloud contact center solution headquartered in Maryland, will be deploying its platform at InEight, the Arizona-based developer of construction and capital project management software. The technology partnership will enable 3CLogic to support both the sales and support operations of InEight while integrating with its two primary workforce platforms, those from ServiceNow and Salesforce, for InEight teams located across the United States, Australia, and Sri Lanka.

Deploying 3CLogic’s voice and cloud call center solution will provide the InEight support team with a unified solution for a more personalized and faster form of response and service, while reducing InEight cost of operations through automation, more efficient support workflows, and enhanced analytical insights. In the past, InEight leveraged a combination of different voice and call center offerings across both its customer support and sales teams, resulting in the organization struggling to streamline operational workflows. More importantly, the limited voice integration with both Salesforce Sales Cloud and ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) made InEight heavily dependent on manual work for routine tasks, such as on-call scheduling, impacting the overall productivity of its teams.

Among the various enhancements that InEight will enjoy, according to 3CLogic, is the automation of on-call scheduling with ServiceNow CSM, which willreplace the manual use of Excel spreadsheets for staff scheduling and save administrative time; an integrated sales dialer with Salesforce aimed at streamlining sales operations through the consolidation of two separate dialing solutions into one; integrated voicemail transcription and assignment with Salesforce Salesto reduce response time and eliminate mundane work for the sales team; and integrated call reporting with ServiceNow and Salesforce for insights into operational performance.

“Organizations are developing a renewed appreciation for voice as a key engagement channel for both sales and customer support,” states Guillaume Seynhaeve, 3CLogic vice president of partnerships and alliances. “Successful companies are making sure to include it as part of their digital transformation strategies in order to maximize the overall performance of their various teams while delivering the level of sales and service customers have come to expect.”

mParticle Lays Foundation for Danish Clothing Retailer Dilling

mParticle, the New York City-based CDP provider managing customer data along product lifecycles, has been selected by high-growth Danish organic clothing and underwear retailer Dilling to manage its customer data and lay a foundation for the delivery of more personalized e-commerce experiences.

Since its founding in 2010, Dilling has sought to create quality undergarments. The company’s manufacturing process is built upon an extensive infrastructure of interconnected systems—organic wool imported from Argentina, primarily dyed and treated in Denmark, before being cut and sewn in Lithuania. By tapping mParticle, Dilling hopes to improve connectivity among marketing tools and to power more personalized experiences for shoppers. Meanwhile, mParticle will help the Dilling marketing team deliver more relevant information to individual customers and propel advanced digital experiences like loyalty and live shopping, with the aim of ultimately increasing customer engagement and retention.

“mParticle enables us to power more customer-focused marketing while ensuring that we have a good customer data foundation,” says Mark Nygaard Leth, chief information officer (CIO) of Dilling. “This also sets us up with the ability to integrate additional tools, such as loyalty systems and live shopping, more easily in the future.”

SugarCRM is New Partner of Kelly-Moore Paints

SugarCRM, the Silicon Valley-based provider of a highly rated CX and customer relationship management (CRM) platform, is the new partner of Kelly-Moore Paints, the manufacturer and retailer of interior and exterior architectural paints, primers, and stains headquartered in San Carlos, California.

Kelly-Moore Paints made the move from Salesforce to SugarCRM to fuel innovation and business transformation, and for the manufacturer to deliver on the promise of its products, pricing, and customer service, company executives say. For more than a decade, Kelly-Moore Paints built its business processes on the Salesforce platform, but the foundation made it increasingly difficult and costly to make changes as the company scaled and evolved. Following a comprehensive search and evaluation, Kelly-Moore Paints chose SugarCRM, which provided the appropriate mix of out-of-the-box functionality and low-code development to meet the company’s needs.

“It came down to finding a modern CRM platform that would do the work for us and remove the administrative burden so our sales teams can focus more on building customer relationships and driving a positive business impact,” says Rebecca Meyer, senior director of IT at Kelly-Moore Paints, who also led the company’s successful transition to the Sugar platform. “We were able to execute years of back-logged functional enhancements for a fraction of the price via a platform that was more accommodating to our business needs.”

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