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Rumors that Apple is planning an ARM based chip on 5nm have started spreading leading some to wonder what that means for Intel and Qualcomm
Ericsson’s AI-powered Energy Infrastructure Operations is blueprinted to decrease OPEX and CO2 emissions for operators using AI and data analytics to improve energy efficiency and improve site availability.
With the appointment of new CEO and President Bruce McClelland and the onboarding of Krish Prabhu and Stewart Ewing to the Board of Directors, Ribbon’s competitive prospects brighten, especially toward assimilating the ECI acquisition into its portfolio and culture and bolstering the company’s sales resources for pursuing burgeoning 5G business prospects.
Human and Machine partnerships will be about augmenting human potential to make people more productive and customer experiences better. Let's take look at how augmenting humans will drive the next wave of digital transformation.
Google continues its investments in companies that will drive more workloads to the cloud, but is the purchase of Cornerstone a sound move for Google Cloud?
Microsoft has revealed its new unified Office application that can be used on iOS and Android to unify all of the productivity apps into a single app.
Virgin Galactic stock has soared 160% so far in 2020, which shows the market’s confidence in the notion of space tourism. The company projects revenues of $600 million by 2023. If private space efforts literally ‘soar’ and projected revenues are met, all different types of verticals and areas of the tech sector will want to become part of the value chain.
Microsoft’s ElectionGuard software could have far-reaching impact. After a beta test in local elections in Wisconsin yesterday, here are my thoughts on what’s ahead—the goals, opportunities, and challenges. This could well be one of the most important products Microsoft has ever developed—at least so far. Equally important, it’s an example of Big Tech doing more, because it can.
With the announcement of the Snapdragon X60, Qualcomm is ushering in its 3rd generation 5G platform with improved antenna and carrier aggregation technology
In this episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast, The Interview Series, Daniel Newman welcomes Richard Whittington, Senior Vice President of Media and Entertainment at SAP, and Amos Biegun, Global Head of Rights & Royalties at Vistex. During this episode, Richard and Amos talked to Daniel about the latest trends in media—specifically in content streaming—and what to expect from SAP and Vistex joining forces.