The Highs, Lows, and Unexpected Happenings Week of July 26 – Futurum Tech Webcast

Check out our Deep dive of the week and our Highs, Lows and Unexpecteds from the week in technology. This week we cover: A crazy week of earnings, Contentful, Facebook and the Metaverse, SAS going public, The return of in-person events, how earning beats are leading to share price drops and Vast Dats.

For this episode of the Futurum Research Weekly Podcast, I am joined by my colleague, fellow analyst, and founding partner, Daniel Newman, for a conversation about the highs, lows and unexpecteds from this week in the Technology industry.

In this episode, we covered:

Deep Dive

Crazy week for Earnings from some huge companies. Everyone from Apple to Microsoft and bunch in between announced earnings this week. Daniel went deep and fast through his highlights.


Daniel covered Contentful and their funding raise. For more details check out Daniel’s extended coverage here.

Steven covered his feelings on the the first in-person event he has attended since March 2020. The buzz at the Fiber Broadband Association event in Nashville was off the charts. For more from the event:

Full-Fiber MDU: Enabling The Lifestyle Better Broadband Provides

Fiber Connect 2021: DZS Enlightens The Edge With DZS Helix Edge Access Portfolio Launch


Daniel covered his feelings on Facebook’s discussions on the subject of the Metaverse.

Steven talked about how companies who are announcing earnings beats are seeing their share price drop as a result.


Daniel covered SAS going public. For more information read this article.

Steven covered his thoughts on Vast Data, for more on Vast data read this recent article.

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Disclaimer: The Futurum Tech Webcast is for information and entertainment purposes only. Over the course of this webcast, we may talk about companies that are publicly traded and we may even reference that fact and their equity share price, but please do not take anything that we say as a recommendation about what you should do with your investment dollars. We are not investment advisors and we do not ask that you treat us as such. 

Author Information

Regarded as a luminary at the intersection of technology and business transformation, Steven Dickens is the Vice President and Practice Leader for Hybrid Cloud, Infrastructure, and Operations at The Futurum Group. With a distinguished track record as a Forbes contributor and a ranking among the Top 10 Analysts by ARInsights, Steven's unique vantage point enables him to chart the nexus between emergent technologies and disruptive innovation, offering unparalleled insights for global enterprises.

Steven's expertise spans a broad spectrum of technologies that drive modern enterprises. Notable among these are open source, hybrid cloud, mission-critical infrastructure, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and FinTech innovation. His work is foundational in aligning the strategic imperatives of C-suite executives with the practical needs of end users and technology practitioners, serving as a catalyst for optimizing the return on technology investments.

Over the years, Steven has been an integral part of industry behemoths including Broadcom, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), and IBM. His exceptional ability to pioneer multi-hundred-million-dollar products and to lead global sales teams with revenues in the same echelon has consistently demonstrated his capability for high-impact leadership.

Steven serves as a thought leader in various technology consortiums. He was a founding board member and former Chairperson of the Open Mainframe Project, under the aegis of the Linux Foundation. His role as a Board Advisor continues to shape the advocacy for open source implementations of mainframe technologies.


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