Honeywell’s Ionic Energy Storage Getting Built-in Battery Management

Honeywell’s Ionic Energy Storage Getting Built-in Battery Management

The News: The latest Honeywell Ionic battery energy storage system (BESS), which will be available by early 2024, will include integrated battery management through a partnership with Nuvation Energy. Under the deal, Nuvation Energy’s battery management system (BMS) can be configured for any battery and adds flexibility that allows users to combine batteries that differ in chemistry, performance profile, age, and state of health. Read the full Press Release on the Honeywell website.

Honeywell’s Ionic Energy Storage Getting Built-in Battery Management

Analyst Take: The upcoming Honeywell Ionic BESS just got better, with the news that it will include a broad BMS from Nuvation Energy. This enhancement will be a major addition for flexibility, reliability, and consistent uptime and performance.

The Nuvation Energy BMS will now be built-in to and featured in Honeywell’s upcoming Ionic BESS, adding battery management capabilities that will make Ionic easier and more reliable for industrial and commercial users who rely on stored power for their business operations.

The Honeywell Ionic BESS is a modular, high energy density portable system that is small enough to be installed using a standard forklift, allowing customers to add specialized power capabilities wherever they are needed. Equipped with lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery cells, the Ionic is designed to provide more energy density than products from competitors, while allowing customers to scale the system based on their needed energy requirements from 700 kilowatt hours (kWh) to about 300 megawatt hours (MWh) of capacity.

The Ionic BESS units allow customers to configure an energy storage system to meet the needs of any project, while giving them the ability to expand it later as needed. The ability to expand the modular systems as more capacity is needed adds flexibility and provides huge cost benefits compared with replacing smaller units and starting fresh. It also means that customers do not have to purchase more energy storage capacity than they need at initial installation and can defer expansion costs until additional capacity is required later.

What Honeywell Ionic Gains from Nuvation Energy’s Software

What the Nuvation Energy BMS brings to Honeywell Ionic is a well-designed software-configurable system that provides valuable performance insights into the batteries that are inside the Ionic system, helping to make the units more reliable for customers in any environment.

Honeywell Ionic BESSs are easy to install, maintain, and expand using a standard commercial forklift and are designed and built as a cost-competitive and reliable power system for commercial and industrial customers. The Ionic units provide large-scale power storage for renewable energy generation and support power inverters up to 1500 volts to increase system efficiency, without requiring expensive construction costs.

Through the integration of Nuvation’s BMS into Honeywell Ionic BESS units, customers can take advantage of intermittent renewable generation using solar and wind so that it can be stored for later use, while reducing sudden sags or surges in power.

Inside Honeywell Ionic: How Nuvation BMS Helps Customers

The Nuvation software works to monitor a wide range of battery types and chemistries for customers, while providing deep insights on their performance, status, and energy capacities. The Nuvation software helps provide a path to supply chain certainty for customers as changes in the lithium battery market continue to bring new battery designs, chemistry, and more.

The main features of Honeywell Ionic are designed to help customers optimize their energy costs while storing backup power and reducing their carbon footprint, according to Honeywell.

Honeywell Ionic BESS With Nuvation BMS Delivers Flexibility

The Honeywell Ionic BESS offering is attractive addition in the marketplace that delivers value, excellent design, a good feature mix, and a broad range of capabilities to industrial and commercial customers who can benefit from such systems.

But what makes Ionic even more of an improvement is the new BMS software from Nuvation that will give commercial and industrial customers the broad capabilities that will make their Ionic investments even more useful.

In my view, Honeywell is again delivering compelling technology to help its customers as it finds new and innovative ways to serve the needs of users.

I am impressed with the Honeywell and Nuvation Energy partnership, which will bring these needed capabilities to industrial and commercial customers who have unique and demanding requirements for energy storage and use.

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