Generative AI Capabilities Coming to Pega Infinity in Q3

Generative AI Capabilities Coming to Pega Infinity in Q3

The News: Generative AI features are being brought into the upcoming new version of the Pega Infinity ’23 software suite using “20 generative AI-powered boosters” that aim to deliver broad new capabilities across the company’s low-code, AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation platform. The new features, called Pega GenAI, will be available sometime in the third quarter of 2023, according to the company. Read the full Press Release about the upcoming generative AI features in Pega Infinity ’23 on the Pegasystems website.

Generative AI Capabilities Coming to Pega Infinity in Q3

Analyst Take: Generative AI’s pending arrival in the Pega Infinity ’23 software platform will be welcome news for Pega customers who want more options, capabilities, and control when using the low code decisioning and workflow automation platform. These new innovations give Pega some noteworthy feature boosts that will certainly ramp up excitement among its customers.

Pegasystems highlighted the new capabilities at its PegaWorld iNspire annual conference in June in Las Vegas, giving customers insights into how Pega GenAI features will boost developer productivity, marketing effectiveness, and more for its users.

In the past, customers using the Pega platform would have to manually identify, design, and develop many workflows from scratch. But using generative AI in the coming platform update, those customers will be able to tell the platform that they require, for example, a loan processing application, which will trigger the AI-infused platform to automatically create it for users. To do this, Pega Infinity ’23 will bring together the needed workflows, data models, user interfaces, sample data, and more based on responses from generative AI models from OpenAI and other sources.

This, I believe, will be a real time-saver and confidence-booster for workers who are using the low code platform, making it even easier to bring together feature-filled custom applications that will help solve real enterprise business problems. That is what low code and no code platforms are all about – bringing simplicity, confidence, ease of use, and speed to busy enterprise workers who need to find improved ways to get their work done while driving business success.

How Generative AI Will Work in Pega Infinity ‘23

To bring generative AI to Pega Infinity ’23, Pega is infusing the 20 GenAI tools across the platform. Included are AI-prompted workflows, which provide suggestions as users begin typing in what they want in their applications, such as building out their associated stages and steps. Other AI-focused tools include AI-generated personas with definitions for relevant users and associated workflows, automatic data modeling that suggests different types of data and how it can be modeled into workflows and user interfaces, and back-end integration assistance that will speed application integration by automatically understanding the target system’s APIs and mapping corresponding workflow data fields. Also included is an AI tool that will perform sample data generation to allow users to test and demo their application using sample data automatically generated by Pega GenAI. This step is designed to cut hours of low value work by developers and improve the quality of application testing, according to Pega.

The coming version of Pega Infinity ’23 also includes Connect Generative AI, which is a new API abstraction layer that allows organizations to get immediate value from generative AI with a plug-and-play architecture using low code and AI prompts. This allows Pega to have an API abstraction layer that lets developers easily swap out large language models (LLMs) running on both public and private clouds, instead of just directly calling OpenAI, or other APIs directly from user interfaces or workflow steps. With Connect Generative AI, users can build reusable generative AI components that can be leveraged across applications.

These are just some of the capabilities coming in Pega Infinity ’23, but I believe they are already providing some fresh ideas for enterprises that want to begin using this new technology or deepen their initial investments in it.

Pega says that more downloadable connectors will be coming to the Pega Marketplace following the release of the initial OpenAI’s API and Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI API connectors with Pega Infinity ’23.

For customers, other Pega GenAI features will include autonomous recommendations for higher impact actions by analyzing underserved customers, AI analytics visibility into how AI decisions are made, and improved customer service by automatically summarizing message transcripts between agents and customers, which is aimed at reducing handling times.

Accelerated chatbot training, a customer interaction simulator, and advanced chatbot response capabilities are also on the Pega GenAI feature list.

Generative AI in Pega Infinity ’23 Overview

The coming revolution from generative AI has already started, and I believe these coming Q3 developments in Pegasystems’ Infinity ’23 platform are only the start of its own generative AI pathway for its customers.

By broadly integrating timesaving and efficiency-raising features using generative AI Pega will help its customers raise their own capabilities and improve their own business processes using modern tools that capture the power of AI in its latest forms. I think that will bode well for Pega as well.

It will be exciting to watch Pega as it continues to grow the Pega Infinity ’23 suite and drive its capabilities for a wide range of enterprise customers.

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