Enhancing Security and Efficiency with Smartsheet Advance

Enhancing Security and Efficiency with Smartsheet Advance

The News: Smartsheet has introduced Smartsheet Advance, a new suite of premium capabilities designed for enterprise-level management and dynamic work. This offering aims to enhance the platform’s value by enabling customers to manage work at scale with improved security, compliance, and efficiency.

You can read the press release at Smartsheet’s website.

Enhancing Security and Efficiency with Smartsheet Advance

The enterprise software market is increasingly focused on enhancing collaboration and workflow management, driven by the need for businesses to operate more efficiently in a distributed work environment.

Based on our recent data, the global enterprise collaboration market is expected to grow significantly, fueled by the demand for integrated tools that streamline project management and data integration. Companies are looking for solutions that not only offer robust project management capabilities but also ensure high levels of security and compliance. Smartsheet’s new offering comes at a time when businesses are prioritizing digital transformation to stay competitive and agile.

Tackling Enterprise Workflow Challenges

Enterprises face significant challenges in managing complex workflows, maintaining data security, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Traditional collaboration tools often lack the integration and scalability required to meet these demands, resulting in inefficiencies and potential security risks. According to industry reports, 60% of enterprises struggle with data integration across various platforms, while 45% cite security and compliance as major concerns.

These challenges are exacerbated by the increasing complexity of modern business environments, where disparate systems and siloed data can hinder productivity and decision-making. The rapid pace of digital transformation has also heightened the need for tools that can seamlessly integrate with existing systems while providing robust security measures. Enterprises must navigate a landscape where regulatory requirements are continually evolving, adding another layer of complexity to their operations.

Consequently, there is a growing demand for solutions that not only facilitate efficient workflow management but also ensure that data remains secure and compliant with industry standards. This demand highlights the critical need for advanced tools that can address these multifaceted challenges, enabling enterprises to operate more effectively and securely in an increasingly dynamic market.

Smartsheet Advance Solution

Smartsheet Advance is designed to bridge the gap between collaboration tools and traditional systems of record, providing a comprehensive solution for dynamic work management. It includes features like Control Center for process management at scale, Dynamic View for secure request management, and Data Connections to integrate Smartsheet with systems like Jira and Salesforce.

Additionally, the platform offers Bridge for automating workflows across platforms and Admin Center for enhanced governance and administration. These capabilities are bundled into three tiers—Silver, Gold, and Platinum—allowing businesses to choose the level of functionality that suits their needs.

The Silver tier empowers businesses to manage their projects, programs, and processes at full functional scale, providing access to most of Smartsheet’s premium products, which are applicable to a wide range of use cases.

The Gold tier adds the power of intelligent workflows and connectors, enabling customers to connect Smartsheet to other systems of record for increased efficiency.
The Platinum tier incorporates advanced compliance, security, and governance controls for enterprises that require additional levels of control and protection while running their business on Smartsheet.

This tiered approach ensures that Smartsheet Advance can cater to the varying needs of businesses, from those looking for robust project management capabilities to those needing intricate workflow automation and stringent security measures.

Real-World Implementation and Impact

The implementation of Smartsheet Advance is already underway, with early adopters reporting significant improvements in efficiency and security. Companies like Condé Nast and Peloton have collaborated with Smartsheet to tailor the solution to their needs, particularly in marketing operations.

Smartsheet Advance’s multi-level security features, such as around-the-clock monitoring and data encryption, are crucial for enterprises that handle sensitive information. The solution’s ability to integrate with existing systems and automate processes is expected to reduce operational costs and enhance productivity.

Looking Ahead

Smartsheet Advance will set a new standard for enterprise work management platforms. Based on our view of the market, we see a growing trend toward solutions that offer seamless integration and high security, which are critical for businesses navigating digital transformation. This shift is driven by the increasing complexity of business operations and the necessity for tools that can handle large-scale, multifaceted workflows without compromising security or compliance.

From our discussions with industry vendors and customers, it is clear that the market is moving towards comprehensive, all-in-one solutions that can unify disparate systems and streamline operations. Smartsheet is well-positioned to lead this movement with its robust suite of features in Smartsheet Advance.

We anticipate that Smartsheet will continue to innovate, potentially introducing more AI-driven features to enhance automation and decision-making further. These enhancements could include advanced predictive analytics, intelligent automation of routine tasks, and more sophisticated data integration capabilities.

In the long term, Smartsheet Advance could become an essential tool for enterprises looking to maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market. Its ability to provide scalable solutions that grow with the business’s needs will be particularly valuable. As organizations adapt to new market realities, such as remote work and increased reliance on digital tools, the demand for flexible, secure, and integrated platforms like Smartsheet Advance will only increase.

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