Empowering & Protecting You! – The New Amazon Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

The News: Amazon recently announced its new Ring Battery Doorbell Plus, that has 150-degree head-to-toe field of view and energy saving features resulting in battery life of up to three times better than its first Ring Video Doorbell. Read Amazon’s blog for more details.

Empowering & Protecting You! – The New Amazon Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

Analyst Take: The market for smart home surveillance solutions is expected to rise due to factors such as the growth and adoption of online marketplaces (Internet retail), growth of remote or hybrid work, many older adults moving in with their children, and the ease-of-use to remotely monitor activity via smartphone devices just to name a few. In the United States alone, every 15 seconds, a home burglary occurs translating into 4,800 burglaries every day with the average burglary lasting only 8 to 10 minutes. Also, 35 percent of Americans have had a package or delivery stolen as the rise of online marketplaces continues to gain traction. In essence, consumers love the convenience of ordering items online and having those products delivered to their doorstep.

Thus, with convenience, also comes risk. As an example, some burglars will monitor neighborhoods or houses to see the frequency and size of the packages being delivered to a home and may cross-check it by seeing what the consumer throws away in the trash to see if they are a worthy target. Thus, thieves may also steal packages at the doorstep but are also gathering intelligence to see what else you have behind closed doors (beyond the car in the driveway) and if the property is an attractive target. To help consumers thwart against porch piracy or more nefarious activity offering them a sense of relief or some semblance of control, the Amazon Ring team continues to innovate adding greater functionality into its products empowering its users.

Shifting Back the Balance of Power to You!

The newly announced Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus is an excellent device that can be easily outfitted by the front door or atrium area either wired or wirelessly. Right away, the device is an excellent option for someone renting a property (e.g., house, apartment, condominium, etc.) that may not have the permission or wherewithal to install the device to a hardwired power source. Also, if the occupant moves, they can easily uninstall the device if they move to a new location. On the flipside, the device is also perfect for a homeowner that may want to easily install within minutes (wirelessly) or a more slightly involved project on the weekend.

The Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus will run the user $179.99 and will be available in early April. The device offers its users live video, two-way talk, motion detection and alerts, quick replies, package alerts, a removable battery pack for easy charging, interchangeable face plates, a corner kit (adjust for more angles), and head-to-toe video and 1536p high-definition video which is great for getting better visibility of someone at the door. As an example, the extra clear image may allow you to see a concealed tool (e.g., crowbar, etc.) for brute force entry or weapon not easily seen. The device also offers three times more battery life than its first Ring Video Doorbell which is great.

Wrapping it up, consumers want to shift the balance of power and look for technologies that empower them, offering them more control of their lives inside and outside the home. Home surveillance is on the rise as more consumers are leveraging online marketplaces and want to ensure their packages are not stolen. Also, they want solutions to ensure their families are safer. The Amazon Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus is an excellent option for renters and homeowners that want to install a device relatively quickly meeting those objectives.

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