Copilot + PCs Ship

Copilot + PCs Ship

The Six Five team discusses Copilot + PCs ship.

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Daniel Newman: Pat, our president of Signal65, one of the two babies that we’ve had together. We’re just kidding, people.

Patrick Moorhead: We ever talked about the third? So by the way, we’ve got Six Five Media. We have Signal65 labs and we have Signal65 economics.

Daniel Newman: Yeah. Yep, yep, yep. Two babies. One has already had its own baby, but the bottom line is that Ryan Shrout, Signal65 president, was out at a Best Buy taking pictures, checking out the store displays, but the Copilot+ PCs were front and center in Best Buys around America this week. And what I heard, Pat, was the early data, the whispers are volume was good. There was a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of excitement. We may have bought a few hundred of them at the Signal65 for our labs, but strong demand, strong display, strong interest. You saw Satya tweeting about it and Pavin tweeting about it. You saw Christiano Amon tweeting about it, and this is that first wave. Now, of course, like I said, there’s the debates about Intel and Meteor Lake and it being an AI PC, but this is the Copilot+ PC, the certified edition.

This was the moment it came into market, Pat, big thing. There’s been three waves of announcements here. So it was important but tempered in that way because we had the Microsoft build moment and then we had the Computex moment, and then now we had the actual go live moment. I always joke, Pat, that when you would acquire a company, and I’ve done a little bit of that over the last few years, you only get to announce it once. So you either announce the deal as struck or you announce the deal as closed, but you can’t really announce both. But this is such an exciting moment. They’ve actually managed to announce it three times. And so we are in a new era. This is by the way, when Pat and I have been talking about the consumption layer. This is one of those key consumption layers, not just selling the PCs, but what people are going to do with these LLMs on devices.

The apps they’re going to be able to buy, whether it’s Adobe subscriptions that are going to work better, whether it’s enterprise tools, whether it’s improving our social media or video consumption experiences. This is where money gets made in those second, third, and fourth layers of AI beyond the core infrastructure that NVIDIA is creating. So this is a really cool moment. So we’re going to get a wave of revenue streams for companies that are one in two tiers removed, the OEMs, the ODMs, the builders, the creators of PCs and devices. And now we’re going to start to see the ISVs and the app builders for both consumers and enterprises and small businesses starting to be able to capitalize on more AI compute power sitting on the device. It’s not all in the data center. And so a big moment, Pat, it is exciting. I look forward to seeing the numbers beyond the first day to see, because this has also, Pat, the difference of is this a Vision Pro plus, Vision Pro moment?

Patrick Moorhead: You got two minutes, buddy.

Daniel Newman: Vision Pro moment, or is it I’m on the way out. I’m turning it over to you. Or is this the beginning of a wave of really big numbers? I think it’s the latter.

Patrick Moorhead: Yeah. I got to tell you, I’m going to read a text that I got from an unnamed source related to Surface sales, some retail saying it’s their biggest PC pre-order ever, higher than any Mac release ever. So yeah, there are definitely some volumes here. So seven folks shipped. You had Microsoft with Surface, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung. Shame on you, ASUS, for breaking the embargo and shipping your units out earlier than you were supposed to. I’m glad to say that the early reviews are looking great. First of all, let’s pat Ryan in the back, review tests are showing how accurate the Signal65 testing was, and you’re seeing a 50 to 60% multi-threaded CPU advantage over Apple. That sure lowers in single core. I’m sure there’s some value in single core, but not a ton. The ridiculous battery life, it’s ridiculous, like 25 hours. Some people just leaving it at home. And I know we’ve heard that every single year for the past 10 years, but it’s true this time. Software compatibility. I need to do a double click on that. There were some, you knew any driver related stuff, like some outdated Kaspersky, which by the way is being banned here in North America. But stuff like games.

Daniel Newman: I spoke with him. I was on stage with Kaspersky at Sea Bit.

Patrick Moorhead: Interesting.

Daniel Newman: I thought that was cool. I don’t know if you-

Patrick Moorhead: Yeah, no, for sure. So final comments here. Sorry Dan, just trying to work this in before my next meeting. Kudos to Qualcomm and Microsoft. Herculean effort. Three to four years you have to place these bets, but you stuck the landing. Now, I am selfishly disappointed by recall being pulled back. I’m not convinced it’s insecure. I feel like the company overreacted, get it into Windows Insider now.

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