Analyst Coverage of Cisco Live 2024 Highlighting Innovations and Announcements

Analyst Coverage of Cisco Live 2024 Highlighting Innovations and Announcements

Cisco Live 2024 has been a whirlwind of technological advancements and strategic announcements, specifically aimed at tackling the always increasing complexity in modern business settings. Leading these developments is Chuck Robbins, the CEO of Cisco, who captured the importance of making decisions quickly to address the complex challenges. The event highlighted key priorities such as infrastructure modernization, cybersecurity, and the strategic implementation of AI data to maximize business value.

Connect and Protect Everything: Insights Across Domains

A key focus of Cisco Live 2024 revolved around the importance of connecting and protecting everything within the digital ecosystem. Cisco’s approach focuses on providing comprehensive insights across various domains, including multicloud, on-premises, edge, and remote locations. This holistic approach is exemplified in their latest initiative, Hyperfabric, which emphasizes the importance of AI security.

Hyperfabric and AI Security

Cisco’s Hyperfabric initiative is an important contribution in improving the ability to see and manage operations within an open ecosystem. Cisco intends to utilize AI in collaboration with industry leaders such as Nvidia and VAST Data to unlock the potential and valuable insights of data. The collaboration aims to expedite enterprises’ AI projects, enabling them to effectively manage the increasing need for data processing and analysis while maintaining strong security protocols.

Digital Experience Assurance: A New Era of Visibility

One of the notable announcements at Cisco Live 2024 was the unveiling of Digital Experience Assurance, powered by ThousandEyes. This platform incorporates artificial intelligence capabilities to provide visibility throughout the entire digital journey of users. Cisco seeks to simplify the intricacies of the global area network in order to assist businesses in increasing their operational speed without being concerned about downtime.

Cisco Workflows: Streamlining Service Deployment

Cisco also unveiled its new Workflow solutions with the aim of streamlining the setup process for new services. These workflows are specifically designed to minimize the time needed for deploying new services, offering comprehensive visibility throughout the global area network. This program aims to tackle the increasing complexity of security by recognizing that AI is revolutionizing the field, where security is now predominantly a data-related challenge.
Reimagining Security with Cisco Security Cloud

The Security Cloud by Cisco has undergone a substantial improvement, now reinforced with the powerful capabilities of Splunk. This improvement combines telemetry, design language, and policy objects, together with network and infrastructure integration. The outcome is an environment that follows a zero-trust approach with zero friction by employing Cisco Secure Access and ThousandEyes to provide strong security measures.

Tackling Cloud Protection Challenges

Addressing cloud protection challenges such as segmentation, patching, and updating, Cisco introduced new solutions leveraging AI, kernel-level visibility, and hardware acceleration. Cisco intends to optimize response efficiency by integrating technologies such as isovalent #eBPF, equipping organizations with the necessary capabilities to proactively address potential threats.

New Announcements: Enhancing Digital Resilience

To further enhance digital resilience, Cisco introduced several key updates:

  • Digital Experience Assurance: This AI-powered platform from ThousandEyes offers comprehensive visibility across digital interactions, ensuring smoother user experiences.
  • Cisco Workflows: These workflows streamline the deployment of new services, providing crucial visibility and reducing setup times.
  • Cisco Hypershield: Now supporting AMD DPUs, Cisco Hypershield offers advanced protection, leveraging the latest hardware technologies.

OutShift and Splunk Announcements

The Outshift group has made announcements regarding updates to Panoptica and has revealed major improvements to its cloud security platform. These updates aim to meet the growing need for a complete and all-encompassing security solution. Panoptica offers a comprehensive suite of advanced features that include application monitoring, real-time threat prevention, risk prioritization, and GenAI for cloud-native application security. These capabilities provide organizations with valuable insights to enhance their security position. After the successful launch of Smart CDR, GenAI Dynamic Remediation, and Security Graph Query at RSAC, Panoptica has expanded its range of offerings to include more comprehensive CI/CD and code security, CIEM for managing cloud identity risks, and DSPM for classifying sensitive data.

The enhanced capabilities help security teams to integrate and scan repositories for security concerns at an earlier stage in the development pipeline, thereby enhancing secret detection and source code vulnerability testing. The CIEM solution offers visibility into user and service permissions, providing adherence to the least privilege principle. Meanwhile, the DSPM solution classifies sensitive data, such as PHI, PCI, and PII, across all data resources. Furthermore, Panoptica’s integration of Multi-Cloud Defense, Cisco’s Vulnerability Management, and Secure Endpoint results in a cohesive defense system that enhances malware coverage and detection. This comprehensive solution offers strong protection against evolving threats, ensuring long-term effectiveness.

Outshift by Cisco has also made an announcement regarding the wider availability of its new SaaS product called Motific alongside a strategic collaboration with Mistral AI. Motific is a platform specifically created to quickly and securely deploy GenAI applications. It allows IT and business teams to effectively set up AI assistants while adhering to trust, security, and cost regulations. The solution is currently being offered for a free trial and limited production use. It provides in-depth analysis of user interactions and ROI, allowing organizations to accurately measure the advantages of integrating GenAI. Motific users may easily build and deploy customized AI applications by incorporating Mistral AI’s advanced models, consequently simplifying the utilization of GenAI technology.

Cisco’s collaboration with Mistral AI represents a major advancement in their AI strategy, highlighting the significance of reliable, effective, and sustainable AI solutions. Mistral AI’s dedication to privacy and security strengthens Cisco’s capacity to provide a wide range of AI models to customers worldwide. The objective of this partnership is to utilize Mistral AI’s technology in various facets of Cisco’s portfolio, namely in enhancing Motific’s guardrails, intelligence, and retrieval-augmented generation capabilities. Cisco strengthens its platform-agnostic strategy by incorporating Mistral AI, offering powerful AI solutions that tackle the growing complexity of AI projects and assist organizations in reaching their sustainability goals.

Cisco and Splunk have collaborated to create a Unified Observability Experience, which combines their respective observability solutions. This integration enables comprehensive monitoring of the entire technology stack and delivers real-time analysis and understanding of any environment. This partnership allows organizations to quickly identify, analyze, and address issues, providing assistance for both traditional and modern application architectures. Notable additions include the incorporation of Splunk Log Observer Connect for Cisco AppDynamics, which improves the accuracy and efficiency of troubleshooting. Additionally, Cisco AppDynamics may now be hosted on Microsoft Azure, allowing for the use of multi-cloud strategies. In addition, the introduction of an AI Assistant for AppDynamics and the integration of advanced AI capabilities into Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) provide customers with valuable guidance and enhanced insights into the health of their IT systems.

The purpose of this integration is to establish a uniform system for monitoring and analyzing data, enabling clients to create a comprehensive observability practice for their IT environments, regardless of whether they are on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud. The relationship between Cisco and Splunk leverages Cisco’s network visibility and Splunk’s log analytics and cloud-native observability capabilities to minimize blind spots and improve the dependability of digital systems. Cisco and Splunk’s latest additions, which include improved AI-powered analysis and broader cloud support, showcase their dedication to providing integrated, streamlined, and secure observability solutions aimed to enhance digital experiences and encourage business growth.


The announcements at Cisco Live 2024 showcase how Cisco is leading the way in helping organizations optimize their value by prioritizing modernization, cybersecurity, and AI-driven analytics. The initiatives and partnerships revealed at the event demonstrate Cisco’s dedication to delivering powerful and expandable solutions that connect and protect, providing insights across various domains. Cisco’s breakthroughs in AI security and digital resilience will play a crucial role in helping businesses succeed and maintain stability in the future.

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