Insight Type: The 5G Factor

An Assessment of Major CSP Testing Initiatives by Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, and Verizon Aimed at Spurring Generative AI, Private 5G, and NaaS Innovations
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Todd R Weiss explore how major CSPs such as Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, and Verizon are conducting new tests and pushing the envelope across GenAI, private 5G network, and NaaS applications.
A Review of The Major Cloud Developments That Are Helping Fuel 5G Ecosystem-wide Innovations Including VMware, Red Hat, and Azure Moves
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Steven Dickens explore recent developments by major cloud players including the debut of VMware Private Mobile Network, Azure for Operators expanding ISV collaboration, and upcoming Red Hat Open 5G 2023.
An Appraisal Of The Topmost Recent Mobile Gaming Developments By Qualcomm, Ericsson, And Vodafone That Can Invigorate 5G Use Cases And Monetization
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Olivier Blanchard explore how recent developments by Qualcomm, Ericsson, and Vodafone help position the 5G ecosystem to play a more integral role in advancing 5G gaming use cases and monetization.
A Review Of The Key Fiber Technology Advances That Are Powering 5G Ecosystem Innovations Across xHaul, Mobile Backhaul, And RAN Technologies
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Todd Weiss examine fiber’s vital role in 5G builds and innovation, including how Nokia, Ciena, and Calix fiber portfolio capabilities boost 5G deployments and capabilities.
A Review Of Key AI/Automotive Innovations by Qualcomm and Ethernovia Including The Selection Of The Snapdragon Platform For The 2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Olivier Blanchard look into the key developments across on-device AI, automobile zonal architectures, and SDV/EV innovations that recently impacted the 5G ecosystem.
A Look into Recent vRAN Developments and How Key Players such as Marvell, Intel, Ericsson, Samsung, and Nokia Have Juiced vRAN Innovation
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Todd Weiss assess the major developments across vRAN technology including Intel’s vRAN Boost innovation, Samsung committing to vRAN Boost, Ericsson using Intel 18A, and Marvell/Nokia moves.
A delve into the 5G ecosystem-wide top priority of sustainability and how the carriers are advancing sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Steven Dickens examine how the major 5G carriers are advancing their 5G sustainability and ESG goals with Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange, and Telefonica shining.
A delve into recent CSP developments including the 2023 CapEx outlook, T-Mobile’s new 5G four-carrier aggregation capabilities, and Q2 2023 financial results
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Todd Weiss examine the key developments across the communications service provider (CSP) market with a dive into 2023 and future CapEx trends, T-Mobile’s addition of new 5G four-carrier aggregation capabilities, and the implications of the fiscal Q2 2023 results from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Clint Wheelock examine the impact AI is having throughout the 5G ecosystem addressing Qualcomm’s view that the future of AI is hybrid with 5G Advanced making AI integral to 5G innovation, why Nokia’s new AI-infused AirScale portfolio boosts its O-RAN and Cloud RAN proposition and 5G Advanced readiness, and NVIDIA and Softbank’s collaboration on a platform for generative AI and 5G/6G apps based on the NVIDIA GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip.
The Futurum Group’s Ron Westfall and Clint Wheelock explore how chipmakers are powering innovation across the 5G ecosystem including Qualcomm advocacy of operators accelerating their 5G Standalone implementations to spur wider developer interest, Juniper and Intel working together on Juniper’s Beyond Labs initiative to foster 5G transformation, and Samsung and Mediatek demonstrating 3Tx antenna capabilities key to spurring 5G uplink performance and experience.
Futurum’s Ron Westfall and Steve Dickens examine why the cloud plays a major role across recent 5G ecosystem moves including Red Hat becoming the primary infrastructure platform for Nokia's core network applications, Azure for Operators 5G modern connected application at the edge push, and the completion of the HPE acquisition of Athonet.
In this week’s episode of The 5G Factor, The Futurum Group analysts Shelly Kramer and Ron Westfall cover Nokia’s progress in the Fed market, FCC’s decision on 12 GHz spectrum that impacts Starlink and Dish, Ericsson and what the company is doing collaboratively with 5G core, and the partnership between NTT and Cisco designed to serve customers by using NTT’s Edge as a Service portfolio and Cisco’s IoT capabilities, helping organizations advance their sustainability goals.