Insight Type: Futurum Tech Webcast

In this episode, Keith Kirkpatrick speaks with Gina Whitty, Product Management, CCaaS + AI at GoTo, about the challenges faced by SMBs and mid-market companies that are trying to undergo a digital transformation.
Why 5G Connected Laptops Provide the Enduring Advantages of Superior Security Across the AI-powered Hybrid Workforce Ecosystem
Ken Williams, National Senior Manager of Partner Solutions at T-Mobile for Business, joins Ron Westfall and Krista Macomber to discuss the rapidly evolving threat landscape and steps decision makers can take to protect their organizations including why 5G connected laptops are integral to stopping growing cybersecurity threats across AI-infused hybrid work environments.
The Futurum Group’s Daniel Newman is joined by Dell Technologies’ John Boyle and Amy Price to discuss Dell’s recent study and research report, done in partnership with The Futurum Group, on device trust and hardware assisted security.
David Flynn, Founder and CEO at Hammerspace, joins Daniel Newman to shed light on the synergy between AI and storage technologies, discussing the pivotal roles of Hyperscale NAS and Data Orchestration in AI architectures.
In this episode of The Futurum Tech podcast, Semos Cloud’s CTO Saso Ivanovski discusses the technological advances in HR Tech and the evolution of employee experience, and explains how Culture Intelligence will shape the future of HR landscapes.
Craig Durr, Research Director at The Futurum Group, delves into the future of work with Crestron's Brad Hintze, discussing multi-camera tech in collaborative spaces.
Rami Rahim, CEO at Juniper Networks, joins Daniel Newman to share his insights on AI-native networking and its significant impact on the industry, offering a glimpse into Juniper’s innovative approach and future prospects.
Craig Durr, Research Director at The Futurum Group, highlights Logitech's innovative approach to video conferencing, emphasizing the Rally portfolio's scalability, IT-friendly management, and user-centric design.
The Futurum Group’s Daniel Newman is joined by Aviatrix’s Doug Merritt for a conversation on secure cloud networking, what the market for it is looking like, and the impacts of AI.
Daniel Newman speaks with cybersecurity expert Shira Rubinoff about The Futurum Group’s newly launched practice area, Cybersphere
On this episode of the Futurum Tech Webcast, host Daniel Newman welcomes Nakul Duggal, Group General Manager, Automotive, Industrial and Cloud for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. They discuss the announcements that Qualcomm made at CES 2024.