Author: Paul Nashawaty

The New Capabilities Are Revolutionizing Application and Infrastructure Instrumentation
The Futurum Group’s Steven Dickens and Paul Nashawaty discuss Cisco's recent efforts to bolster its AppDynamics portfolio and explore the acquisition of industry leader Splunk.
The Acquisition Reflects Harness’s Dedication to Accelerating Innovation and Recognizes Armory’s Impressive Track Record in Continuous Deployment
The Futurum Group’s Paul Nashawaty discusses Harness’ strategic acquisition of Armory's IP and talent, signaling a watershed moment in the evolution of continuous deployment and heralding a new era of innovation for developers and DevOps teams.
This Release Empowers Developers with Advanced Features and Enhanced Performance
The Futurum Group’s Paul Nashawaty and Steven Dickens discusses Elastic Stack 8.12, which introduces advanced features and performance enhancements, providing developers with powerful tools for efficient and seamless application development.
HashiCorp Empowers Developers Through Strategic Leadership Changes
The Futurum Group’s Paul Nashawaty discusses how HashiCorp empowers developers through strategic leadership changes that drive innovation, collaboration, and the advancement of cutting-edge solutions in the realm of infrastructure automation.
Docker Build Cloud Improves Productivity and Efficiency for Engineering Teams
The Futurum Group’s Paul Nashawaty looks at how Docker Build Cloud marks a significant stride in software development, addressing a crucial challenge faced by engineering teams.
Clearing Up the Confusion Between DevOps, Platform Engineering, and Site Reliability Engineering
The Futurum Group’s Paul Nashawaty discusses the changing IT landscape, which faces two pivotal forces, DevOps and Platform Engineering, that have emerged as catalysts for organizational transformation.
Broadcom Emphasizes Strategic Simplification, While VMware Responds with a Simplified Portfolio
The Futurum Group’s Paul Nashawaty and Steven Dickens discuss Broadcom's shift in VMware's product strategy.
The Acquisition Will Shape the Future of Multi-Cloud Networking and Security
The Futurum Group’s Paul Nashawaty discusses Cisco's planned acquisition of Isovalent, which signals a transformative leap in cloud networking and security.
Chronosphere Provides Enhanced Visibility in Its Powerful Partnership with CrowdStrike and Acquisition of Calyptia
The Futurum Group’s Paul Nashawaty discusses Chronosphere's acquisition of Calyptia and strategic partnership with CrowdStrike.
Snyk Acquired Helios to Enhance Its Cloud-to-Code Defense Capabilities
The Futurum Group’s Paul Nashawaty discusses Snyk's recent acquisition of Helios, aiming to bolster its defense capabilities from cloud to code, with the anticipated outcome of elevating security measures in application development.
Linux Faces Transformation with New Distributions in the Post-CentOS Era
The Futurum Group’s Paul Nashawaty and Steven Dickens look at the Linux ecosystem, poised for significant transformation in 2024, particularly as CentOS support ends, prompting users to reconsider their reliance on RHEL.
Developer Roles in the Ongoing AI Revolution Are Shifting to Reflect Changing Goals and Priorities
Paul Nashawaty, Practice Leader for The Futurum Group, explores the role of developers as architects of transformative AI landscapes, extending beyond coding to navigate ethical considerations and societal impacts.