The Six Five Webcast

This weekly session is cohosted by Daniel Newman, CEO of The Futurum Group, and Patrick Moorhead, of CEO of Moor Insights and Strategy, and covers 6 topics for ~5 minutes each. Topics range across technology trends, news, earnings, and more, and often feature interviews with technology leaders.

Matt Butcher, CEO at Fermyon Technologies, joins us to share his insights on how WebAssembly and SpinKube are revolutionizing cloud computing, showcasing unprecedented performance gains and true serverless potential at ZEISS Group.
Erik Nordmark, Co-founder and CTO at ZEDEDA, shares his insights on the critical role of open source in edge computing and how addressing its challenges can pave the way for innovation and robust security at the edge.
Charles Giancarlo, Chairman and CEO at Pure Storage, shares enlightening perspectives on advancing AI innovation using flash technology and Pure's partnership with NVIDIA.
On this episode of The Six Five Connected, host Diana Blass heads to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium where everything has become connected thanks to a Wi-Fi 6 network using Cisco technology.
Markus Flierl, Corporate VP at Intel, joins Steven Dickens to share his insights on Intel Developer Cloud and Intel’s initiatives in enhancing AI, performance, and security for developers.
On this episode of The Six Five Webcast, hosts Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman discuss NVIDIA GTC 2024, Broadcom Investor Day, Intel’s $20B CHIPS Act funding, Apple sued by DoJ for illegal monopoly, Micron earnings, and Synopsys Investor Day.
Eric Boyd and Brendan Burns, CVPs at Microsoft, join us to share their insights on leveraging open source for AI innovation and Microsoft's strategic vision. Discover how Microsoft's advancements and collaborations in AI and open source are sculpting the future of AI app development.
Jinman Han, Jim Elliott, and Marco Chisari join us to share insights on Samsung's AI vision and strategy, highlighting how their unique products and solutions are addressing customer challenges in the AI space.
Phil Buckellew, President of Infrastructure Modernization at Rocket Software, joins us to shed light on how businesses are modernizing their infrastructure without disruption by leveraging hybrid cloud strategies and enhancing mainframe security.
Holly Mesrobian, VP Serverless Compute at AWS, joins The Six Five to share her insights on the future of serverless compute, including the holistic integration of services like ECS, Fargate, Lambda, and how AWS is shaping the architecture for Generative AI workloads.
On this episode of The Six Five Webcast, hosts Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman discuss Oracle, Adobe, and MongoDB earnings, Arm & Cadence’s automotive collaboration, AI innovation at SxSW 2024, Plus’s L4 trucking wins with long term partnerships, and the Six Five Summit 2024.
The Futurum Group’s Steven Dickens is joined by Scott Fagen, President of SHARE to continue their conversation on SHARE’s membership program and the importance of SHARE’s online portal and learning management system.