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Leading tech analysts from The Futurum Group share weekly deep dives on the latest tech news, new products and services, mergers, earnings, regulations, and more. The Futurum Tech Webcast will keep you current on what’s happening in the tech space — from startups to industry leaders, emerging tech and what’s ahead for industries across the globe, along with interviews with tech industry leaders and experts.

In this week’s episode of Futurum Tech Podcast, we cover news of IBM’s CEO Ginni Rometty stepping down and the rise of the technologist in enterprise leadership roles. We explore what’s ahead for IBM, the other enterprise giants helmed by technologists, and the fact that Arvind Krishna and Jim Whitehurst have some work ahead of them, but there are interesting opportunities on the horizon for IBM. We also cover the news that cyberattacks and e-skimming on the rise, Huawei beating Apple’s socks off in the Chinese smartphone market, investments in EVs and what that signals for the automotive industry, what the UK’s move on Huawei means from an expense standpoint for British telcos, apps tracking location data of U.S. based college students and the dangers of normalizing that behavior — and much more. If you’ve not yet tuned into the FTP, we invite you to do so now.
This week’s episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast features a discussion about the future of enterprise collaboration platforms, the fact that the age of CIOs is edging upwards (and why), Tencent’s move to acquire Funcom for $148M, the disclaimer that Accenture is requiring its YouTube content moderators to sign, acknowledging that the work might well come with a side does of serious PTSD, and other interesting tech news that you probably don’t want to miss.
In this newest episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast, my colleagues Sarah Wallace and Shelly Kramer and I discuss Elon Musk’s grand plan for sending people to Mars, and the impact space travel will have on the tech industry. We also discuss Microsoft and Samsung teaming up to bring back the Walkie Talkie, another small company joining with others to protest Apple’s anti-competitive practices, Google’s online coding course designed to train workers for tech jobs, and Mojo Vision and augmented reality for contacts. Give us a listen, we’d love to know what you think.
Is CES better called ‘The Connected Ecosystem’? Our thoughts on that post-show, the good and the bad about AI being the dominant focus of CES this year, along with highlights from Intel and its third generation CPU-based edge AI, Deeplite’s automation of neural networks that are the heart of machine learning, exciting things to expect this year from Android (and Samsung), stats on the state of the wearables market, and more good stuff in this week’s episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast.
In this special episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast The Interview Series, Daniel Newman welcomes Bill Lobig, Vice President of IBM’s Content Services, to discuss how the way we manage content has evolved. After all, content is the cornerstone of the internet, and the way we treat it is changing—thanks to developing technology.
CES 2020, the Consumer Electronics Show happening this week in Las Vegas, will offer up some winners and some losers – we let you know what to expect. Plus the latest on deep fake technologies, Intel’s quantum computing chips, VMware’s shift to the cloud, and how Russia is edging closer to shutting off the global Internet – all this and more on this week’s edition of the Futurum Tech Podcast.
In this episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast Interview Series, Daniel Newman sat down with Des Cahill, Chief Marketing Officer of Oracle CX. Together, they went over what makes Oracle’s customer data platform (CDP) stand out from the competition, as well as what’s in store for the future of this type of platform.
In this special episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast — Interview Series, Daniel Newman welcomes Automation Anywhere’s Chief Strategy Officer, Stephen DeWitt, to discuss RPA and its emerging evolution to intelligence. Automation Anywhere develops robotic process automation (RPA) software, which uses bots to complete important processes.
In this special episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast Interview Series, Daniel Newman welcomes back Intel’s Kristie Mann, Sr. Director of Product Management for Intel’s Optane DC Persistent Memory products.
Always on surveillance by way of that phone in your pocket (and some creepy data visualizations that’ll give you pause), the bias that’s inherent in facial recognition systems, and a discussion around the Apple, Amazon, Google partnership on smart-home protocols are just a few of the topics covered in the latest Futurum Tech Podcast. Check it out — it might be the most interesting thing you’ve listened to all week.
In this week’s edition of Futurum Tech Podcast we cover the fact that simultaneous translation capabilities are coming to our devices sooner than we might think, Huawei’s sales, Pandora’s move into interactive voice ads, Sam Jackson and Alexa, some data about killer robots that might just give you nightmares, and some exciting new features coming to Android phones in 2020.
In this episode of the Futurum Tech Podcast, fellow analyst Fred McClimans and I took a quick run through our recently published research report done in partnership with SAS, Experience 2030: The Future of Customer Experience is Now. We also talked about Russian hackers, China’s crackdown on deepfakes and fake news, employees who want to get Away from the trendy DTC luggage company, TikTok’s speedy settlement of the lawsuit on children’s data, and Toys ‘R Us and the brand’s new non-store store that may or not be kind of creepy. Join us for a listen, and if you’ve not yet hit the ‘subscribe’ button do, you won’t be sorry.