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Freshworks Solutions Enable Citizen Engagement for India’s Public Sector

Freshworks, the provider of cloud-based sales and support solutions founded in India and headquartered in San Mateo, California, says its software is being used by multiple public sector companies in India to better engage that country’s citizens. Central government entities and multiple state government bodies in India use Freshdesk, the online customer support solution from Freshworks, to connect with the local population, while Freshservice, the Freshworks solution for IT organizations to streamline their service delivery process, is used to triage service requests for teams involved in resolving issues of public interest.

With the government in New Delhi on the path to digital transformation through its Digital India program since 2015, a surge in internet adoption has pushed government bodies to find stronger ways of managing digital citizen engagement.

For instance, when the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) needed a system to track and manage service requests to better serve its employees, the agency supervising and regulating all pensions in the country chose to implement Freshservice for what it describes was seamless integration with existing systems.

In the case of the Police Commissionerate of the city of Bhubaneswar in Eastern India, the agency needed a system to streamline the queries of 32,000 registered senior citizens spread across 30 districts in the state of Odisha. Implementing Freshdesk and Freshchat, the Freshworks messaging solution for business users, did the trick, enabling senior citizens to track and check the status of their queries.

Non-government organizations (NGOs) also rely on technology to serve citizens and stay on track. The India Vision Foundation (IVFDN) traded its manually intensive way of tracking beneficiaries and implemented Freshsales, the customer relationship management (CRM) solution from Freshworks, to manage data pertaining to beneficiaries in the foundation, making it easier for the organization to serve citizens.

MoEngage Teams Up With myco to Enhance Viewer and Creator Engagement

Customer engagement platform provider MoEngage announced a partnership with myco, the Spanish-based provider of a platform for Web3 video streaming, funding, production, and distribution. The partnership aims to enhance engagement in viewers and creators with myco, formerly known as MContent, by leveraging MoEngage’s insights-led platform, which includes push notifications as a channel.

Myco is the pioneer of an elevated content experience through the creation of the Cineverse—or cinema in the metaverse. In the past year, myco has seeded, funded, and curated more than 40 film and TV productions through its self-sustaining ecosystem.

“Myco’s mission is to empower viewers by providing them with a decentralized and fair ecosystem for content creation and consumption,” says Tariq Jaser, myco digital marketing manager. “Our partnership with MoEngage allows us to take this mission to the next level by enabling first-party data and providing a level of personalization that is unmatched in the industry.”

MoEngage’s insights-led customer engagement platform will also allow myco to better understand its audience, and deliver tailored content that meets their needs. MoEngage company officials say myco is revolutionizing the content industry, and describe its use of blockchain technology to be groundbreaking, empowering myco stakeholders in its ecosystem.

Qualtrics and Manchester City Partnership Improves Fan Experience

Qualtrics, the inventor of the experience management category,says its partnership with Manchester City Football Club is helping totransform the fan experience in stadiums and online. As the official experience management software partner of Manchester City, the football club based in Manchester that competes in England’s top-flight Premier League, Qualtrics enables the club to listen to fan and employee feedback, understand and analyze what they hear, then take action to improve experiences and design new ones.

The collaboration has been valuable to Manchester City, club officials declare. It was able to listen to fan feedback to improve elements of the journey that fans take as they visit the club’s facilities at the Etihad Campus, a continuous process that has also recently included the implementation of QR codes and iPads around the stadium for fans to share their views. The club also gathered live feedback during online ticket and merchandise buying journeys to understand fan satisfaction and identify moments of friction.

Listening to feedback, Manchester City tailored digital experiences to increase fan engagement, and club content was improved after measuring the effectiveness of help and support pages. Along the way, the club deepened its relationship with partners by using rich data to drive increased awareness and perception.

With matches taking place more than 40 times a year, plenty of opportunities exist for the club to develop relationships and continue engaging with fans beyond each 90-minute game, says  Danny Wilson, managing director of operations for Manchester City. “Without insight, understanding, and feedback from fans, we can’t learn how to improve. And the feedback we are able to get via Qualtrics helps us to listen to our fans closely and helps us shape future decisions around match days.”

Qualtrics executives agree that fan feedback is increasingly important to sports clubs around the world. The ability to listen and understand feedback from fans gives clubs the information they need to ensure that every fan feels special, a Qualtrics statement adds.

Medallia Experience Cloud Helps Drive Innovation at GitHub

Customer and employee experience specialist Medallia says its Medallia Experience Cloud is transforming the CX at GitHub, the internet hosting service for software development and version control, as the two California-based firms collaborate closely to uncover insights for impactful change.

Medallia enables GitHub to view customer data in various ways for flexibility and personalization, and the AI-powered reporting and analytics capabilities of Medallia provide metrics that break down GitHub data into insightful and actionable information. The CX team at GitHub is then able to share those insights with their own company’s executives and other departments that are in a position to make changes to improve overall CX.

Prior to working with Medallia, GitHub lacked a fully functional platform to centralize feedback from customers across different programs and channels. With the new partnership, however, new tools from Medallia have enabled GitHub to surface insights and customer sentiment to its leaders as well as to GitHub teams in product and engineering. An important discovery for GitHub has been uncovering insights to improve login and validation steps to create an even more efficient login process for clients while maintaining the highest standards of security.

Amperity Teams Up with Rhone to Power Personalized Customer Experiences

Amperity, the provider of an enterprise customer data platform (CDP) for consumer brands, is the choice of men’s lifestyle brand Rhone as the critical foundation to maximize the value of Rhone’s omnichannel customer data and deliver personalized CX.

Rhone is deploying Amperity’s AI-powered technology to link digital shopping with the premium performance brand’s brick-and-mortar environments for a seamless CX. The insights provided by Amperity are especially valuable as Rhone prepares for a post-cookie and privacy-first future, the two companies affirm. 

With Amperity, Rhone can activate data from multiple touchpoints—including pre-purchase, point-of-sale, and post-purchase customer care—to create unified customer profiles. The CDP cleans, connects, and shares data, enabling the business lines that need data most to create distinctive experiences for current and prospective customers. Rhone also uses Amperity to find and retain its top customers, an undertaking of particular emphasis amid an uncertain economy. 

Barry Padgett, CEO at Amperity, says CX is paramount, and brands must meet consumers wherever they are shopping with a seamless experience to deepen loyalty. “By leveraging the insights from Amperity’s unified customer profiles, Rhone will be able to make every interaction unique to each customer while driving revenue growth overall,” Padgett asserts.

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